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5 Oct 2006 00:00 - 30 Nov 2006 00:00

Czech Glass - Jaroslav Matous and Ales Vasicek

An exhibition of work by glassmakers Ales Vasicek and Jaroslav Matous represent the legacy of the generation who have defined the contemporary standing of the Czech glass movement on the world art scene.


Both being Libensky’s students they are graduated from the Prague Academy of Applied Art at the height of the Libensky’s era.


However in time they have defined there own styles quite unique and very original. Ales Vasicek style is the quintessential mould melted in plaster casts, which have defined Czech glass from the 1980’s onwards.  His use of coloured molten glass to create sculptures with multidimensional structure which are filled with intense emotional charge, until glass itself becomes his language of expression. His earlier woks in pure abstraction have given way and is replaced by depiction of basic natural elements –water, earth, fire and air. ‘Circle’ from the modest to monumental –is a recurrent theme in his current works.


In contrast Jaroslav Matous cannot ever be described in the traditional sense of the contemporary Czech glass style. He is first and foremost a painter and on recent visit to his studio one can clearly see where his ideas and impulses originate –quite often his initial ‘preparatory’ study begins on the canvas which is eventually transposed into 3D glass sculpture.

His participation in the EXPO 1992 –Seville where Jaroslav describes his style as ‘painting space into substance’.






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From: 5 Oct 2006 00:00
To: 30 Nov 2006 00:00


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