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4 Mar 2005 00:00 - 19 Mar 2005 00:00

David and Miroslav Ondricek at Bradford Film Festival

For the 11th year the festival is lining up an array of exciting new titles from around the world.


On the 5th of March the Bradford Film Festival will premiere the latest film by David Ondricek, One Hand Can’t Clap.


The screening will be introduced by the director , while his father, twice Oscar nomited Director of Photography, Miroslav Ondricek will give his masterclass on Sunday 6 March.



The audience will also have a chance to see the UK premiere of Snowboarders by Karel Janak and Caviar Spirit by Milan Cieslar.


More information can be found on the festival website.







One Hand Can't Clap

Standa is a foul ball. The fate has been harsh to him but he took all the hard knocks without much fuzz so far.


Being released from a prison, he believes everything would change for the better now. His former boss Zdeněk owes him a considerable sum of money and Standa hopes it will help him to fulfill his dreams.


But unfortunately he hooks up with Ondřej who’s even a bigger loony than him. Therefore their bad luck doubles and this can’t lead to a happy end.


Zdeněk has a wife and two little kids. His wife Sandra is a strict, reliable and ecological person. Their kids are well-behaved, studious and playful offspring. Zdeněk has a restaurant and a henchman John.


Everything works well for them – before Standa meets Ondřej.







30 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QY London
United Kingdom


From: 4 Mar 2005 00:00
To: 19 Mar 2005 00:00



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