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17 Jun 2015 19:00

"Dear Sir, I am dead": A final farewell

Staged reading of Cholupice Day (or How does it feel after death); performed by Steve Wickenden amidst SDCHs collages and drawings. Before bidding a final farewell to SDCH´s beautiful exhibition of inctricate collages we'll spend an evening in the company of his fundamental artistic and life's inspiration, practical philosopher Ladislav Klíma. The lovely Steve Wickenden will read from immortal Cholupice day as a celebration of an intellectual brotherhood between the quirkiest of Czech philosophers and the enfant terrible of the contemporary Czech art scene. With Czech beer and wine.

The work of Czech philosopher and novelist Ladislav Klíma (1878–1928) is referred to varyingly as existentialism and subjectiveidealism and as influenced by Berkeley, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. Yet both his philosophy and life style remain radically unique and usual. The typically ironic view on society and ultimate emphasis on individual self-acceptance, emmanate also in his more literary texts, such as the aforementioned Cholupice day. The latter also inspired SDCH's latest novel, the philosophical horror Makeshift Imitatio Christi. The testament of a man who stole and, in the depths of post-nature, rubbished Klíma's ashes will be available for purchase at the gallery.

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17 Jun 2015 19:00


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