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30 Jan 2020 19:00

Steven J Fowler and Tereza Stehlíková: Disappearing Worm Wood

A cinematic witnessing (63 mins, 2020) of London living through aberrant, awkward, ugly change, but mostly dying in the process. Filmed over the last half decade, exploring the overlooked aesthetic power of Willesden Junction, Wormwood scrubs, Kensal Green Cemetery and The Grand Union Canal, the film strives to see a closer place, alien, idiosyncratic and yet familiar. It enters into dialogue with its genius loci, capturing and preserving on camera and in word, before it is transformed beyond recognition by the notorious incoming Old Oak redevelopment.

The film is part of an ongoing creative collaboration between poet Steven J Fowler and filmmaker Tereza Stehlíková, a project which also includes poetry publications, an exhibition and various public events.

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Zilkha Auditorium, 77-82 Whitechapel High St, Shadwell, London E1 7QX


30 Jan 2020 19:00


Whitechapel Gallery

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