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30 Aug 2013 - 30 Sep 2013

Divus London presents the new issue of UMELEC Magazine

Just like the last year Divus gallery and publishing house presents a show grouping the ungroupable. A selection of artists and their artworks relating to the newest issue of Umelec magazine will open on August 30 and continue for the whole of September. Among the things you will look at and listen to is an animation of certain cup motif by Slovak artist Pavla Sceranková; London-based Mark Ferelli will bring his nunchaku soaked with dreams of Bruce Lee and blood of the Clumsy, let alone a series of VHS reeking of asian legend; collages of Czech national silly dreamscapes by playwright and puppeteer S.d.Ch. will hang on walls and much more.

LAUNCH: Friday August 30th 2013, 6 pm
Featured artists: Ryuta Amae / Martin Dušek / Mark Ferelli / Beth Fox / Annabel Frearson / Ivars Gravlejs / Nicolas Moulin / Bewegung NURR / S.d.Ch / Pavla Sceranková

There will be a photo by Bewegung NURR that will challenge your idea of intellectual bling, that is, if you had any in the first place; we will show you a monograph by Slovak artist, which we believe is the way these books should be done; some manipulated photography by Nicolas Moulin, our Berlin-based French connection, and Ryuta Amae, our Paris based Japanese connection will manipulate you to think of J. G. Ballard; Beth Fox, a witty Irish expat and demystifying art world commentator will suggest a few artworks that should be done, maybe; the frankensteinian lyrics of Annabel Frearson´s Bad Brain Call pop music will be available; there is going to be a loop of silly cartoons Pat and Mat hinting at Gordic knot of reknown self-deprecation of Czechs and blind pride in their skillful "golden hands"; and last but not least thanks to Latvian Ivars Gravlejs a lot of things in the space will be just SUPER.


More about DIVUS London:

DIVUS London (www.divus.org.uk) is a publishing company specialising in art books and related events and exhibitions. It has published the notorious journal Umelec covering Central European, Eastern European, and Balkan Art since the 90’s, and which now has offers a hard edged political perspective on the global art scene. DIVUS has offices in Prague and Berlin, has recently opened its new London office and permanent exhibition space at Enclave 5, Resolution Way, SE8 4AL.


DIVUS London, Enclave 5, 50 Resolution Way, SE8 4AL


From: 30 Aug 2013
To: 30 Sep 2013


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