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10 Feb 2009 00:00 - 00:00

E. H. Kalenda: The World After Narora - 1.The Retro-Key

A London based Author E. H. Kalenda has finished the first book of the fiction trilogy The World After Narora - 1.The Retro-Key. Born in the Czech Republic, raised in Italy, Eva spent her teens and adulthood dreaming up stories and observing curiously the society around her. Writing since she can remember: poetry, fantasy short stories, western and some articles for the paper, she focused on the peculiarity of various human characters. As a real explorer of multicultural society, she decided to move to vibrant England. With her mind and imagination, she is enquiringly exploring the tiny line between reality and the mysterious world of the impossible and writing about it. She is working on the second book of her trilogy The World After Narora – 2.The Wind-Chill Factor.

THE BOOK   ISBN: 978-1926635033


About:  ‘The World After Narora – 1.The Retro-Key’ is the first book in the fiction trilogy.  The story is set in the future. Narora is a town in India on the banks of the River Ganges. A nuclear power station is located nearby. An unprecedented environmental and biological catastrophe at Narora changes the face of the Third Planet and the DNA of its inhabitants forever. The friendly Planet Nelum helps in re-civilising the inhabitants of the Third Planet. However, the most varied genetic elements are irreversibly mixed and when the mutations eventually stabilise, Newmanity; the new generation of the Third Planet, is born.  On the Boar Archipelago live bellicose boar-like humans.  On Diver City lives an ‘ungovernable ‘society of women. Their social life is located in Bishdum; an immense city of bubbles and holes where in the past thousand of skyscrapers had melted in the megaheat and a new turmoil city had grown out of the resulting ruins.

The disappearance of Professor Doha, a famous cloning scientist, triggers the secret investigation of the Universal Judge from Planet Nelum. Events rapidly spiral out of control. Very soon he discovers that the Cleaner, the superkiller from the bellicose planet Blackandra, is not the only one who is plotting to take control of Newmanity. A deadly secret was dropped into the endless depths of the Mariana Trench thousands years ago and now evil forces want it back. The Universal Judge manages to recruit Madame Hope, the General Governor, to help him with his dangerous task in an attempt to stop the destruction of the Third Planet. He is aware, that if his mission failed, the consequences could change the course of history once again.


Significant Quote: ‘Were their motives none so noble or none so pure, whatever man or woman may want, can end in pain, can end in horror, if what they want wants common sense.’ (‘The World After Narora-1.The Retro-Key’ opening words.)


The Collection, London SW3

10 February 2009, 6.30pm


You are invited to enjoy the launch of the first book of the trilogy The World After Narora: 1. The Retro-Key,’ .

The relaxing atmosphere of the venue is harmonious with our Running Program:

6.30pm to 7.00 pm-Champagne Reception

7.00pm-10 minutes reading session from the book The World After Narora: 1. The Retro-Key

7.10pm- Introduction to the Author

7.15pm- Book Signing by the Author commences

8.00pm- The end of the official session

8.00pm- Onwards;Guests are welcome to enjoy the Club Restaurant



In situ Dj and the stylish setting will transform the evening into a unique experience.

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30 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QY London
United Kingdom


10 Feb 2009 00:00 - 00:00


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