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5 Apr 2017 06:30

Egypt and Czech Egyptologists

The important but little-known contribution made by Czech archaeologists to the study of Ancient Egypt. A lecture by Suzanne Bojtos of Birkbeck College. Beautifully illustrated, this lecture is based on the life and work of Prof. Jaroslav Černý, a student of František Lexa in Prague during the First Republic.

Černý spent many years excavating Deir el Medina, the village housing the craftsmen who cut and decorated the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. His studies of hieroglyphs and expertise in various aspects of the ancient Egyptian language made him one of the greatest Egyptologists in the world. After 1948 Černý couldn't return to Prague and continued to work in London and Oxford.

Egyptology in Prague flourished. Czecho-slovakia actively helped to rescue the Nubian antiquities when the Aswan Dam was being built and Czech archaeologists concentrated on excavations at Abusir near Cairo where a few years ago they discovered a Late Period necropolis untouched for 2500 years.

Organised by The Friends of Czech Heritage with the cooperation of the Embassy of Slovakia.

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Embassy of Slovakia, 25 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY


5 Apr 2017 06:30


The Friends of Czech Heritage with the cooperation of the Embassy of Slovakia

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