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1 Nov 2010 00:00 - 00:00

Elaine Feinstein, Sylva Fischerová and Tomaž Šalamun and Kristiina Ehin - Poetry From the New Europe

A generation on from the fall of Communism, Southbank Centre presents some of the finest poetry from - and about - the shifting boundaries of the New Europe including Czech poet Sylva Fisherova.

Elaine Feinsteins poetry and translations brilliantly evoke European history and places. We celebrate her 80th year with her new collection Cities.

Sylva Fischerová is a Czech poet whose work moves seamlessly in and out of historical events, and her latest collection is The Swing in the Middle of Chaos.

Slovenian Tomaž šalamuns work extends to over 40 volumes and 15 translated languages, and his poetic voice offers an agile commentary on our times.

Estonian Kristiina Ehins collection The Scent of your Shadow was a Poetry Book Society recommended translation this year.

Booking on 0844 875 0073 or online
Price: £9
Booking Fee: £1.45 (Members £0.00)
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)


30 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QY London
United Kingdom


1 Nov 2010 00:00 - 00:00


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