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18 Feb 2013 19:30

Czech Series: Melody, Passion and Persecution

Dvorak’s tuneful and enormously popular American Quartet contrasts with the emotional intensity of Janacek’s Intimate Letters, inspired by his love for the young Kamila Stösslova. String trios by Klein and Krasa, both victims of the Nazis, complete the programme. This event is part of the Czech Series of concerts at The Royal Academy of Music.

Theodor Kung violin
Martin Wray viola
Auriol Evans cello
Alauda and Jubilee Quartets

Gideon Klein String Trio
Dvorak Quartet no.12 in F, op.96, ‘American’
Hans Krasa Tanec
Janacek String Quartet no.2, ‘Intimate Letters’

6.30pm: This evening’s concert will be preceded by a pre-concert talk led by Dr David Fligg, Principal Lecturer at Leeds College of Music and co-leader of a recently-established post-Holocaust music research network at the University of Leeds. Dr Fligg will explain why Gideon Klein and Hans Krasa, murdered by the Nazis, were the true successors to the musical tradition of Dvorak and Janacek. This event is in association with the International Centre for Suppressed Music.

Tickets £7 (concessions £5)
Website link: http://www.ram.ac.uk/events?event_id=1680



Friday 25th January, 1.05pm
Keith Bragg conducts Academy Symphonic Wind in concert focusing on the great heritage of Czech music, as part of this year’s chamber music festival.
Free, no tickets required
Website link: http://www.ram.ac.uk/events?event_id=1640

Thursday 31st January, 7.30pm
The Bernadel Quartet perform Dvorak’s Second Piano Quartet and Smetana’s Piano trio, two key masterpieces of Czech romanticism.
Tickets £7 (concessions £5)
Website link: http://www.ram.ac.uk/events?event_id=1650

Tuesday 5th February, 1.05pm
Academy students perform Dvorak’s Terzetto op.74 and String Quartet no.2 in G, op.77.
Free, no tickets required
Website link: http://www.ram.ac.uk/events?event_id=1655

Tuesday 12th February, 1.05pm
Three late chamber works that typify Janacek’s uniquely searching and spontaneous romanticism. 
Free, no tickets required
Website link: http://www.ram.ac.uk/events?event_id=1664

Monday 18th February, 7.30pm
Academy students present a contrasting programme of Dvorak’s Quartet no.12, op.96, ’American‘ and Janacek’s String Quartet no.2, ‘Intimate Letters’.
Dr David Fligg will give a pre-concert talk at 6.30pm on why Gideon Klein and Hans Krasa were the true successors to the musical tradition of Dvorak and Janacek.
Tickets £7 (concessions £5)
Website link: http://www.ram.ac.uk/events?event_id=1680

Friday 22nd February, 7.30pm
The Artesian Quartet perform a programme of Dvorak, Smetana and Martinu.
Tickets £7 (concessions £5)
Website link: http://www.ram.ac.uk/events?event_id=1694

Friday 1st March, 1.05pm
Academy students perform Dvorak Piano Quintet in A, op.81.
Free, no tickets required
Website link: http://www.ram.ac.uk/events?event_id=1704


David Josefowitz Recital Hall, Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT


18 Feb 2013 19:30


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