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14 May 2019 19:00 - 20:30

European Literature Night: Poetry and Performance with Olga Stehlíková and Tomáš Braun

Explore the intersection between poetry and performance in the work of Czech poet Olga Stehlíková, winner of the prestigious Czech literary prize Magnesia Litera and her musical collaborator Tomáš Braun. Stehlíkova and Braun will introduce their joint project Vejce/Eggs, Czech-English couplets which sit at the edge of poetry, music and spoken word, together with the work of Latvian poet and visual artist Valts Ernstreits, Estonian poet and Nobel Prize nominee Doris Kareva and French musician Francois Atlas. This is contemporary literature at its best!

Vejce/Eggs (2017) combines one hundred of Olga Stehlíková's Czech-English couplets, with by Tomáš Braun's instrumental music. Stehlíková considers the poems to be like eggs, in that  you never know what will come out of them. In her minimalist texts the words all bump into each other creating new meanings which rise to the surface thanks to a wordplay and humour, making the whole experience inspiring and adventurous. The voice reading the poems entwines with Braun's guitar, banjo and cello creating a dreamy world. The poet/musician speaks to the audience, as much as the musician/poet.

 works as a freelance writer, editor and critic with a focus on contemporary Czech literature. She has edited dozens of books of poetry and prose for various Czech publishing houses. Her debut book of poetry, Weeks (2014), won the Magnesia Litera Book Prize for poetry.  In 2017 she created  Vejce/Eggs, a collection of  Czech-English couplets with translator David Vichnar, published together with an LP of Tomáš Braun's  accompanying music. In 2018 she published the poetry collection Vykřičník jak stožár Exclamation as a Pole and, together with Milan Ohnisko, the poetry collection Za lyrický subjekt For a Lyrical Subject (under the pseudonym of Jaroslava Oválská). Two books for children are to be published in 2019.

"You open your eyes from blackness into the dark.
The night is the enemy, whose skin-folds your protracted index finger has cleaned many times."

Tickets: £12/£8

Presented in partnership with EUNIC, the European Writers' Tour and British Library.







British Library, 96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB


14 May 2019 19:00 - 20:30


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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