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17 Aug 2014 14:00 - 15:45

Floating Experimental Film Workshop by Andrea Slováková

Avant-garde and experimental filmmaking employs a great variety of techniques, materials and genres. What did Bruce Conner dig up in the archives concerning the assassination of JFK? How to transform found footage into an abstract horror and follow suit of Peter Tscherkassky? Can we draw a line between documentary and fiction film in the striking audiovisual collages of Craig Baldwin? And how does Martin Arnold make fun of the established Hollywood clichés through manipulation of the film’s visual and audio components? This floating workshop presented by Andrea Slováková will reveal much more and illustrate the role of documentary aspects in experimental filmmaking using various examples from the history and the present of experimental film. The focus will be also on practical problems commonly encountered by filmmakers.

Andrea Slováková is a documentary film maker, teacher and Jihlava IDFF programmer of experimental films.

Suitable for those with some experience in film making.
(Tickets: £5.00; £3.00 Concs) Booking

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Merchant Square, Paddington, W2 1AS


17 Aug 2014 14:00 - 15:45


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