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21 Apr 2016 20:00

Střešovická kramle at New River Studios

After successful concerts in London, Prague and Ostrava last year, and a collaboration with Sian Dorrer and Střešovická Kramle in Prague, bands Ravioli Me Away and WE will join Figs in Wigs for a concert in New River Studios. Their common interest, in addition to musical performance, is a concert format with a social point of view. Organized in cooperation with Are.

Admission: £5

Figs in Wigs
are an all female London performance company who make work that is a unique mix of theatre, dance and comedy. They use puns, fake fruit, and pop culture references to create shows that are refreshingly surreal, absurdly comic and always aware of their own theatricality. As untrained dancers their routines are distinctly unusual yet surprisingly catchy. Beneath the deadpan monobrows they seek to address big issues one sequin at a time, and although they might not change the world with glitter they’ll have fun trying. Imagine Kraftwerk meets Chicks on Speed at a fruit stall... and you're nowhere close. They run a quarterly club night called HI-BROW at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. Meet them there for some seriously silly fun. Figs in Wigs are Rachel Gammon, Suzanna Hurst, Sarah Moore, Rachel Porter and Alice Roots.

Ravioli Me Away’s all-girl jazzy, post- pop-punk, hip-funk London outfit uses costumes, props and videos to enhance their Slits inspired bass lines, Casio pop and cool Mo Tucker drumming. Stylistically schizophrenic, the band shoplifts freely from the rich history of subcultures, meshing everything together into a malfunctioning new wave calypso club hits and injecting their feminist pop with dadaesque mayhem.

Střešovická kramle
Střešovická Kramle (Václav Girsa, Radko Souček and Ondra), made themselves known in Prague in the mid-1980s, at a concert on Haštalská street. Appearances at various punk shows followed and in 1986, the band completed the demo for ‘Pilots’, which they worked on with Robert Vlček and Wonid. Founding member Václav Girsa (Formely of Critical Situation and P. S.) revived the band in December 2011, when the exhibition project "If You Dare", in the Ferdinand Baumann Gallery, led to performances with the curator Dan Vlček. To great acclaim, they have continued ever since, with about 40 performances in the Czech Republic and abroad, along with groups such as Japanther,  JTNB and Schwarzprior. They can be seen as musically eclectic, at the border between witch techno, death metal, and hardcore punk. The band often opens festivals with their form of ‘gesamtkunstwerk’. The current line-up in London will be: Tomáš Hrůza - percussion, drums; Tyler Brian Noble - drums, percussion; Michal Mariánek – bass, keyboards; Daniel Vlček - keyboards, programming, vocals; Václav Girsa - guitar, vocals.

London based band WE present field recordings from the disaster zone of the culture industry. Fragments of 1980s club classics are sieved through the colander of 1970s power pop and pasted together into sticky B-movie surf tunes, not sold as chic upcycled classics but left to rot like a pile of discounted CDs in an abandoned Tesco. More an experiment into the limits of pop than a band, WE are four bodies barely obscured by identical black boxes, a broken man machine of shrill synth grooves, bizarre guitar melodies, cartoon drumrolls and sax for special occasions. Borrowing strategies from the likes of the Residents, Devo and Laibach, WE replace the individual 'I' with the collective ‘WE’, transforming tender love songs into threatening revenge messages and military march tunes: “WE Want to Hold Your Hand”, “WE Will Always Love You” and “WE Will Be Your Father Figure”. WE translate the monstrous, violent, and traumatic, revolutionary process of the abolition of identity into pluralized pop. http://www.kollectiv.co.uk/WE/



New River Studios, 199 Eade Rd, London, N4 1DN


21 Apr 2016 20:00


New River Studios

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