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2 Nov 2017 18:00 - 5 Nov 2017 22:00

Floex & Initi: Archifon IV

One part video game, one part holographic display, one part gigantic musical instrument: Floex and Initi will bring the interior of the Memorial Chapel to life as you’ve never seen it before. Elements of the architecture are primed to respond to the beams from laser pointers handled by the audience: statues might suddenly sing when light strikes them, or ornamental details might spring to life and writhe across the walls. The excitement is in finding and activating each of the hidden objects, in an audiovisual Easter egg hunt – while also discovering the overlooked architectural details of one of Glasgow’s great buildings.

Thu 2 – Sun 5 November, 18.00 – 22.00
The University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel, University Avenue, G12 8QQ

Part of Sonica

Floex & Initi
(Tomáš Dvořák & Dan Gregor)

Tomáš Dvořák
Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex is a clarinettist, composer, producer and multimedia artist from Prague (Czech Republic) and a pioneer of electronic music and composer of several award-winning albums (Pocustone, Zorya, Gone). His music is characterised by a unique blend of both acoustic and electronic instruments. Floex is well known for his collaboration with Amanita Design on the soundtracks for the indie games Samorost 2 (2006), Machinarium (2009) and Samorost 3 (2016). His partnership with Dan Gregor started an exciting new creative chapter with the creation and development of the Archifon series.

Dan Gregor
Visual artist Dan Gregor creates interactive and dynamic light installations in public spaces. As a former founder and half of main creative duo of projection mapping group The Macula, he was involved in projections for the Prague Clocktower, New Museum of Liverpool, Khôra I. & II. Dan has collaborated with various theatres and musical groups and in 2013 created visuals for the National Theatre of Prague. In 2015 he started his collaboration with Norwegian musician Biosphere and founded the creative platform for audiovisual research, INITI.org.

Tomáš Dvořák
Dan Gregor

About Sonica
Sonica is a year-round touring programme dedicated to world-class visual sonic arts, punctuated by an 11-day biennial festival in Glasgow and a biennial long weekend at Kings Place, London. We present exceptional international artists alongside emerging Scottish talent in collaboration with renowned co-producers and venues.  Since 2012, over 70,000 people have seen a Sonica event. sonic-a.co.uk 

About Cryptic

Cryptic is an award winning Glasgow-based internationally renowned producing arts house, presenting today’s most imaginative, innovative artists whilst also nurturing the creative talent of tomorrow. We create memorable experiences that engage and inspire our audiences. Cryptic ‘ravishes the senses’ with multi-media performances that fuse music, sonic and visual art.  cryptic.org.uk

Organised in collaboration with:

The University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel, University Avenue, G12 8QQ

From: 2 Nov 2017 18:00
To: 5 Nov 2017 22:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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