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17 Oct 2013 - 20 Oct 2013

Zbynek Baladran at Frieze Art Fair

The Hunt Kastner Gallery Prague presents a solo installation entitled Mind of a Mnemonist by Czech artist Zbynek Baladran at this year's Frame section of the Frieze Art Fair annually held at the Regent's Park in October. As an artist, curator and writer, Zbynek Baladran is interested in art works and exhibition-making as forms for the modelling of concepts.

Zbynek Baladran is often described as an archeologist; he uncovers and studies artifacts from the past in order to better understand who we are today. His working materials have included found or donated historical film fragments, protest slogans collected in the aftermath of a street demonstration, diagrams of all kinds, images and texts clipped from old publications, and even his own philosophical musings. He painstakingly examines, and pieces together these various fragments into models that help us to confront the past, interpret the present, and build a line of progress toward the future.

The project ‘The Mind of a Mnemonist’ consists of a series of interconnected structures made up of texts, images and objects assembled into spatial collages suspended in space and on the walls. The fragile interconnected structures are visual diagrams of an open-ended and ongoing thought process that develops over time.  The seemingly casual and random components that create these constellations are like the individual pieces of a puzzle: each alone is abstract, but when placed together in composition they develop into a more meaningful larger picture.  Through the exhibited works, Baladrán is testing whether Bertolt Brecht’s dialectical approach of interpreting the world is still valid and can be of pertinent use in our contemporary society.




Regent's Park, London NW1 4NR


From: 17 Oct 2013
To: 20 Oct 2013


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