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9 Dec 2018 - 13 Jan 2019

From Prague with Love: Young Czech Fashion

Can fashion be art? Is there space for true artistic vision and radical new ideas in this glossy business-oriented creative industry? The work of Liběna Rochová's students from the Prague's Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design proves it can. These exceptionally gifted young designers entertain us and challenge our expectation of what clothes can actually mean, and what forms of design are possible. Not only do these creative souls have ideas, but they have the technical skills to make them real. This exhibition showcases new collections by Michaela Čapková, Antonína Záblotská, Zoltán Tóth, Agáta Seeháková, Barbora Procházková, Sára Beránková, Karolína Karpíšková, Natálie Dufková, Natálie Nepovímová, Aleš Hnátek, Tereza Kanyzová and Eduard Ganoczy, all drawing inspiration from Czech cultural heritage.

Private view: 8 December 2018, 4 pm
Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 10 am - 6 pm | 21 Dec 2018 - 7 Jan 2019 CLOSED

Cover image: Design: Antonina Zablotska, photo: Nikola Slajerova

Part of czech100, a festival of exciting cinema, theatre, visual arts, design and music celebrating the Czech Republic’s centenary (28 October - 9 December 2018).


Design: Barbora Procházková, photo: Nikola Slajerova

Design: Agáta Seeháková, photo: Nikola Slajerova

Design: Michaela Čapková, photo: Nikola Slajerova

Design: Zoltán Tóth, photo: Nikola Slajerova

Design: Karolina Karpiskova, photo: Nikola Slajerova


Vitrínka - Czech Centre Gallery, 30 Kensington Palace Gardens, W84QY, London


From: 9 Dec 2018
To: 13 Jan 2019


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