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8 Nov 2018 19:00

The Limits of Work

Journalist Saša Uhlová spent six months exploring working conditions in the worst-paid jobs in the Czech Republic; in a hospital washroom, at a poultry plant, behind a cash register and at a waste sorting facility. Her experience formed the basis of a very personal series of reports about people doing invisible jobs under shocking conditions, published on the A2larm.cz website. Apolena Rychlíková has turned these articles into a documentary film consisting of scenes shot at Uhlová’s home and of video footage taken at her places of work, accompanied by her commentary. Winner of the Best Documentary Film of the Year and Audience Award at the Jihlava International Documentary Festival in 2017.

Apolena Rychlíková; Czech Republic; 2017, 70 min

Followed by a discussion with director Apolena Rychlíková (CZ), journalist Saša Uhlová (CZ) and Will Stronge (UK), co-director of Autonomy, the leading, independent UK think-tank focusing on issues relating to the future of work. Chaired by Caroline Heron (UK), managing AQNB Productions, and producer of Slides.

“I spent several months close to my protagonist, who never once placed herself above those whose lives she has tried to show us. Perhaps this film of our era will, with time, reach even those whom it affects.”
A. Rychlíková

Apolena Rychlíková
(1989) takes an intensive interest in the public space, and this is reflected in her film work as well. The Ji.hlava IDFF previously screened her films Hájek at the Castle, Petr in the House (2011), Make Some Wish When Government Falls (2012), Family (2013), Ex-Premiers (2013), If Adolf Hitler Lived There Would Be No Rights for Gypsies (2014), Don’t Let Yourself Be Bowed! (2014), Don’t Give Up: The City’s Clinic (2015) and Intolerance: The Chill (2015).

Saša Uhlová is a Czech journalist. She graduated from Roma studies at Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. After her studies, she worked as an anthropological field researcher in socially excluded communities. She taught for four years at Roma high school in Kolín. From 2009 till 2016, she was an editor for the online monthly journal Referendum. In 2011, she worked for ROMEA as an editor of monthly magazine Romano Vodi. She received the „honest mention“ in a competition Journalist Award 2015. At the beginning of the year 2017 she became an editor for the online journal A2larm. In the same year, she was also employed under an alias in different types of low-income jobs. Her experiences were captured in a documentary Limits of Work.

Will Stronge is co-director of Autonomy, the leading, independent UK think-tank focusing on issues relating to the future of work. He is also a researcher in Politics and Philosophy at the University of Brighton. With Helen Hester he is the co-author of the forthcoming primer Post-Work: what it is, why it matters and how we get there (Bloomsbury, 2019).

Caroline Heron is the Managing Editor of AQNB Productions, a London-based arts editorial platform and video production company. Slides by Martin Kohout was commissioned by AQNB Productions as part of a wider research project, also led by the artist, where he explored the growing phenomenon of shift work in London and the impact it can have on the individual. Alongside the Finnish Institute in London, Caroline is currently co-producing a film for Sorbus  due to shoot in November 2018.


Screened together with:

Martin Kohout, Slides, HD video, 22 min, 2017.
Czech Republic, United Kingdom
Inspired by the strange world of nigh-shifts, Slides is a speculative narrative about private communication, related technologies, and the present future around us. The film follows how Aslı and Bora, who have opposing sleep and wake schedules, keep in touch with each other when the other one isn’t there to answer right away; how they narrate the surrounding reality to each other, and how they both struggle and solve all that it brings with it.

Martin Kohout (1984) is a Berlin-based, Czech-born visual artist. He holds a MA from the Städelschule, Frankfurt and a BA from the Film Academy FAMU, Prague. Kohout is represented by both Exile, Berlin and Polansky Gallery, Prague. He has presented in solo and groups shows in New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw and Sofia. In 2011 Kohout established TLTRPreß, a publishing house for selected authors and a space to present the breadth of his own research efforts in the form of edited collections such as Sleep Cures Sleepiness (2014) and Linear Manual (2012). Recent releases include: Somewhere I’ve Never Been (2017) by Steph Kretowicz, The Great Outdoors (2017) by Monika Kalinauskaitė and Monika Janulevičiūtė, and Puffy Logic Grip (2017). Martin is the recipient of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2017, a prize in recognition and support of young Czech artists.


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Czech Embassy Cinema, 26 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8


8 Nov 2018 19:00


Czech Centre

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