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15 Dec 2005 00:00 - 00:00


Central European Music in London



Word music, Ethno-techno



Funky groove



Funky pop


DJ Milan 105kg Krajci /SK/


Visual & Space Artist Michi /JP


Ticket: £10, www.ticketweb.co.uk


More info: 07788987211 or www.pishter.com



Trans-Global Underground

Word fusion


Trans-Global Underground is a U.K.-based collective fusing as many different kinds of world music as its members can get their hands on. Keyboardist Alex Kasiek, drum programmer Hamid Man Tu, and founder, bassist, and sampler Count Dubulah. The project grew out of a mutual love for dance, avant-garde, Arabic, and world music and draws on each member's listening tastes and cultural backgrounds. Their debut album, Dream of 100 Nations, was released in 1994, quickly followed by International Times. After 1995's Interplanetary Meltdown, Trans-Global Underground returned in 1997 with "Psychic Karaoke". Album "Rejoice" followed a year later and "Yes Boss Food Corner" appeared in spring 2001. TGU worked for a while in Egypt along with Natacha Atlas for whom they produced a hit single and gold album in France, while turning out tracks for artists in the Middle East.


Today TGU are in the incredibly fortunate position to be able to make their own music without either compromising or being pushed into obscurity. They exist like a self-contained music business operating offshore and transmitting to who they please when they please. Hence the title of their new album is 'Impossible Broadcasting'.



Trio Exklusiv

Funky groove


The Vienna music scene is relatively easy to get a handle on. As the Viennese put it, "We all just know each other". For instance, drummer Mex Wolfsteiner, trumpet player Richie Klammer and guitarist Franz Reisecker discovered their shared love of down-and-dirty groove in the recording breaks back in the times of one of the very first Vienna groove bands "Planet E." or "Orchester 33 1/3". In 1999, Trio Exklusiv was made complete with the multi-instrumentalist Martin Zrost. 


In 2002, they made their first record on the Hoanzl label. Simply called "Trio Exklusiv", the disc laid the cornerstone for the musical output of one of the most exciting live combos from Austria. Last year, Universal re-issued "Trio Exklusiv" in a "Value Pack", a double CD with fine remixes and the "Gringo" video clip. In the remix by knob wizard Patrick Pulsinger (Cheap Rec.), the funk couldn't have been funkier. Pulsinger was hired as producer and later as a welcome sound-polisher for the "International Standards" album.



Ohm Square

Funky pop


Ohm Square was probably one of the best electronic bands of the former east European block. Three producers and occasional DJs from Prague, Czech Republic joined with the English singer Charlotte (ex UK band Wubble U) and combination of her pure and sensitive beautiful voice with very specific sound mixture of electronica, breakbeat, techno and drum and bass made them famous also in Germany, Holland and UK where they also frequently performed with their amazing live concerts including guest live musicians! Their debut album from 1997 was a year later after negotiations with Studio K!7        


At the end of 1999 Scion was released as the long awaited second album. Co-produced by Duncan Forbes (ex legendary house formation Spooky and currently a man behind successful project Animated!) and recorded at Strange Weather Studio in London the album guaranteed top quality production and unique sound of breakbeat and electronica with techno and pop elements. Scion received enormous interest and positive reactions from both journalists and buying public.

A new album, Love Classics, eventually appeared in 2005, with a more downtempo sound.




30 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QY London
United Kingdom


15 Dec 2005 00:00 - 00:00


Pishter Ltd.

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