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7 Apr 2006 00:00 - 00:00

Ivan Margolius - Reflections of Prague: Journeys through the 20th century

A new book by Ivan Margolius to be published by John Wiley & Sons, London in April 2006. The major events, upheavals, suffering and triumphs of the 20th century.


'A remarkable book. This archetypical story of the twentieth century is intertwined with an almost stream-of-consciousness narrative of the history of the Czechs, of Prague, interspersed with samples of exquisite poetry by great contemporary poets. So the narrative flows like Eliot's sweet Thames full of the debris of tragic lives, of horrors, of moments of beauty and testimonies of love - all against the backdrop of man's inhumanity.' Josef Škvorecký


'A poignant and vivid mémoire of a child searching for traces of his father, lost in the murky ideologies of post war Central Europe.  An engrossing book.' Sir John Tusa


From the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to the First World War, the Czechoslovak Democratic interlude, Munich betrayal, Nazi occupation, Second World War, transports, concentration and extermination camps, Allied victory, Communist takeover, Stalinist purges and Soviet occupation to an end of the century freedom. From Kafka to Masaryk, Hitler, Stalin, Gottwald, Dubček and Havel.


The life of a Central European family situated in the intriguing and inspirational city of Prague caught up in the most perilous episodes of the political world of the time. A story that illustrates how much anguish and inhumanity can be inflicted by men on their fellow human beings in the name of distorted political doctrines, self-centred beliefs, indifference and prejudice and will shock every person who still considers as paramount the sanctity and spiritual worth of human personality, dignity and freedom.


price £16.99, 320 pages, 58 illustrations

Publishing date: 7 April 2006





30 Kensington Palace Gardens
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7 Apr 2006 00:00 - 00:00


John Wiley & Sons

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