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29 Sep 2007 00:00 - 10 Oct 2007 00:00

Jakub Matuska aka Masker - Kamuky na Kamuky

An exhibition of Jakub Matuska, also known as the graffiti artist Masker, who is one of the leading representatives of the vibrant young Czech contemporary and street art scene. A student at the Prague Academy of Fine Art, his work defies limitation; from graffiti, video art, drawings and paintings to sculpture.


Simple yet expres sive, his work appears to be the effortless, spontaneous outpouring of haunting, twisted subjects that remain, somehow, strangely uncomplicated. The work expresses emotion by lightly touching on themes of love, sadness - and more recently - existentialism and politics.


This innate simplicity is the product of a groundbreaking artist projecting the idiom of urban culture through a childlike lens, evading seriousness and generating irony and absurdity with fantastical vistas and chimeras that suggest the way things might, or could be.


This year he has already created a street advert for Adidas, spent one semester experiencing London’s academic and street art scene and exhibited at Prague Biennale.


The Bodhi Gallery show is his first UK exhibition with a range of new drawings, canvases and a recent video - The Project.








Born 1981 in Prague. At present student of AVU (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague),Vladimír Skrepl's painting studio.


2003 – Rape of subconsciousness - groupe show , City lights, Prague subway


2004 – Infiltration 2004 - Regional gallery Liberec; groupe show, Liberec


2004 – Whatever we got, we work with, Gallery „Nábreží“, Prague


2004 – Student Film Festival, Písek2004 – street art object at „Palachovo námestí“, Prague


2004 – Big Bazaar; AVU students group show, Prague


2005 – Subkultura - group show at the Mystic skate cup World cup skateboarding, Prague


2006 – comics exhibition, NOD gallery, Prague


2006 – studio exhibition, NOD gallery, Prague 2006 – Subkultura - groupe show at the Mystic skate cup World cup skateboarding, Prague


2006 – Gallery NOD, quest of exhibition of David Bom a Jirí Franta, It s not what it could be... Prague


2006 – In Graffiti we trust, Book, Mlada Fronta, Prague2006 – Fax you, author book of drawings, limited edition, published with Martin Fischer Prague


2007 – Prague Biennale 3






30 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QY London
United Kingdom


From: 29 Sep 2007 00:00
To: 10 Oct 2007 00:00


Bodhi Gallery

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