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16 May 2015

Jana Vébrová at Global Village Festival in Wales

Czech singer, song-writer and accordionist Jana Vébrová will perform at the11th Global Village Festival, a multicultural festival that brings people together to celebrate our diversity through art, music, song and dance.

About Jana Vébrová

Claiming that she is a singer first and foremost, then a song-writer and finally an accordionist Jana Vébrová has a vocal style which is unique in its genuineness. Her singing wells up trough her heart, is melted into her songs and presented with the help of her accordion. She isn't dubbed the Bohmische hearth coeur for nothing. She was born in 1985, in the former Sudeten border area in Northern Bohemia. Both the rural vistas and the experiences she acquired there, as well as a number of other indescribable feelings, perhaps springing from her subconscious, have an enormous impact on her charismatic performance, which might be roughly characterised as an expressive chanson. She started playing the accordion when she was 18. Despite being self-taught, she soon mastered the art. The identical temperament of both the player and the instrument has brought about a unique sight – when Jana plays, you can hear and see just one interconnected organism. Though Jana's music roots lie in traditional folk music, old pub hits and French chansons, she is unable to describe the origins of her performance and production – it is simply a God-given necessity bursting out of her.

Jana Vébrová also performs in La Loba – performance of Lenka Vagnerová & Company which combines two art genres and two remarkable artists: dancer Andrea Opavská and  singer Jana Vébrová. The performance recieved Herald Award and was nominated on Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Fringe last year.

“Those images, combined with Opavská and the soundscape of Vébrová’s voice make La Loba impossible to forget.”   Lucy Ribchester, The List 

„Vébrová’s singing is incredibly powerful, and one is mesmerised by Opavská’s dancing.“
Alex Reeves, Broadway Baby


Part of Global Village Festival

Venue Penderyn Square, Merthyr Tydfil, CF47 8AE, S. Wales

16 May 2015


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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