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20 Apr 2016 - 28 Apr 2016

Jiří Kovanda at Pump House Gallery

The Grounds We Tread opens in April with a show of the same name featuring Jiří Kovanda, Lloyd Corporation, Ilona Sagar and Cara Tolmie. The artists – who show consecutively throughout the exhibition - present individual performative works and exhibitions that dynamically transform the Gallery and the spaces beyond. New commissions and existing works explore the fascination with tracking our health through technology; the manipulative power of live singing and the spaces of its distribution; amateur forms of advertising and announcement in public places; and the negotiation and use of public and private areas.

Jiří Kovanda (1953) has been one of the outstanding conceptual artists of the Czech art scene. He organised his first performances in public environments in Prague in the mid-1970’s. His minimal actions, all based on a detailed scenario, were all recorded through photography in black and white and instruction leaflets. In the eye of the artist, the work of art is made up of these documents, these performances having no other aim than the traces that are recorded. In his performances, those mundane actions appear slightly off-key, allowing us, through this combination of apparent simplicity and unbalance, to grasp at the individual and what remains real and human in a society under surveillance. After 1978, Kovanda staged minimalist and poetical interventions still recorded through a photograph and a text while the artist vanished completely from his interventions which deal with the very notion of traces. In the 1980’s, Kovanda turned to painting before abandoning all artistic practices. His work was rediscovered only recently and Kovanda has been active again creating installations, paintings and   performances as discrete still and poetical in which he strives to find beauty in everyday life and to map out a space where the individual can actually exist.

19 April, 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm

Solo presentations:
Jiří Kovanda 20-28 April
Lloyd Corporation 6-15 May
Ilona Sagar 24-31 May
Cara Tolmie 8-19 June.

Admission free
Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday  11am - 4pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday and when no exhibition is on.

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Cover image: Untitled, Jiří Kovanda, Noisy Le Sec, 2014 

Contact, Jiří Kovanda, 1977 

Contact, Jiří Kovanda, Praha, 1977




Pump House Gallery, Contact info Battersea Park, London, SW11 4NJ


From: 20 Apr 2016
To: 28 Apr 2016


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