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4 Apr 2012

Jiri Weil: Life with a Star

Weil’s remarkable autobiographical novel tells the story through Josef Roubicek who becomes increasingly alienated as the Nazis tighten their grip on the Jewish population of Prague. Every day the grinding bureaucracy of evil brings new regulations, along with new lists of names to join the transports. Drawing strength from the smallest of things – a lost love, a stray cat, an onion – Josef determines to live, and realises that simply surviving against the odds is the greatest act of resistance. Published in the UK by Daunt books on 4 April 2012.

Life with a Star
Daunt Books, paperback, ISBN 978-1-907970-06-1
Price £9.99

‘An astonishing work of fiction . . . Jiří Weil has achieved something staggering, almost unthinkable. His sophisticated, modernist, human imagination has made the dark horror of the Holocaust into an occasion of enlightenment.’ New Yorker

‘A unique and deeply moving book, filled with echoes of Kafka and hints of Kundera and Škvorecký.’ Observer

For more information about the publication please contact Laura Macaulay laura@dauntbooks.co.uk, 020 7373 4997.

About the author:
Jiri Weil was born in 1900 in Prague and was one of the best-known writers in Central Europe in the 1930s and the immediate post-war years. His novels Mendelssohn is on the Roof and Life with a Star are considered masterpieces of Holocaust literature. Weil’s writing has been admired by Harold Pinter, Arthur Miller and Philip Roth but he remains relatively unknown to the English-speaking world. Weil died in 1959.




Daunt Books


4 Apr 2012


Daunt Books

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