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26 Nov 2004 00:00 - 2 Dec 2004 00:00

Juraj Jakubisko Retrospective

For over thirty years, Juraj Jakubisko has plundered Slovak folklore, song and dance to conjure baroque, often absurd, fables of love and death. Although championed by Federico Fellini, Jakubisko was prevented from working in Czechoslovakia during much of the 70s because of his 'mistaken art attitude'. In 1983, however, The Millennial Bee affirmed his status as one of the pioneers of magic-realist cinema, and today he is widely regarded as the greatest Slovak filmmaker of all time.

Post Coitum

Fri 26 Nov only

Juraj Jakubisko | Czech Republic 2004 | 1h30m | 35mm | Subtitles
Cast: Franco Nero, Eva Elsnerova, Richard Krajco.

A tongue-in-cheek absurd comedy, Post Coitum features a cast of four male and five female characters, middle-class, highly aspirational and living in post-communist Central Europe, who each in turn sleep with all the other characters. A parody of sexual relations with a serious message.

The Deserter and the Nomads

Sat 27 Nov only

Juraj Jakubisko | Czechoslovakia 1968 | 1h42m | 35mm | Subtitles
Cast: Stefan Ladizinsky, Augin Kuban, Jana Stehnova.

Three outrageous tales of three world wars soaked in blood, folklore and hippie kitsch. The first, The Deserter, tells of a Carpathian community torn apart by an invading army. The second, Dominika, audaciously cuts footage of the Prague Spring into a story featuring a bunch of cruel, lascivious and drunken Russian soldiers. Finally, The Nomads juxtaposes Biblical imagery with abom-bomb angst to depict the aftermath of a nuclear war.

Birds, Orphans and Fools

Sat 27 Nov only

Juraj Jakubisko | Czechoslovakia 1969 | 1h22m | 35mm | Subtitles
Cast: Philippe Avron, Jiri Sykora, Magda Vásáryová.

After the Prague Spring, three drop-outs, whose parents were murdered by Nazis, Communists and Jews respectively, incarcerate themselves in a derelict space where cupboards hang from ceilings and animals wander freely. Tragically, jealousy and cruelty gnaw away the walls of this surrealist utopia. Stylistically Jakubisko's most dazzling work, crammed full of warped camerawork, alternating screen sizes and saturated colour schemes.

The Millennial Bee 

Sun 28 Nov only

Juraj Jakubisko | Czechoslovakia 1984 | 2h43m | 35mm | Subtitles
Cast: Jozef Króner Stefan Kvietik, Ivana Valesová.

The Pichandas, bricklayers by tradition, are tried not only by economic crisis, war and malice, but a swarm of bats, a meteor crash, ball lightning and a shower of frogs. Based on a novel by Peter Jaros, Jakubisko's most famous work refracts an epic three-generational family saga through a singular metaphorical beehive.

I'm Sitting on a Branch, Enjoying Myself

Mon 29 Nov only

Juraj Jakubisko | Czechoslovakia/ West Germany 1989 | 2h0m | 35mm | Subtitles
Cast: Bolek Polivka, Ondrej Pavelka, Deana Horváthová.

At the end of the Second World War, Pepe and Prengel strike gold, and try to fulfil their idea of happiness with Ester, a young Jewish girl returning from a concentration camp. However, Zelmira, a young female communist who is hellbent on resolving her personal complexes through manipulation, interrupts their new lives. The second part (after Birds, Orphans and Fools) of Jakubisko's trilogy on happiness and freedom.

It's Better to be Wealthy and Healthy than Poor and Ill

Wed 1 Dec only

Juraj Jakubisko | Czechoslovakia 1992 | 1h48m | 35mm | Subtitles
Cast: Deana Horváthová, Dagmar Veskrnová, Juraj Kukura.

The final instalment of Jakubiskos's trilolgy on happiness and freedom concerns the fates of Nona, an intellectual dissident, and Ester, the mistress of the head of the secret police. Though the pair befriend one another during the Velvet Revolution, they are less concerned with politics than with getting rich quick in the chaotic world of capitalism.

An Ambiguous Report About the End of the World

Thu 2 Dec only

Juraj Jakubisko | Czech Republic 1997 | 2h28m | 35mm | Subtitles
Cast: Deana Horváthová, Milan Bahúl.

Set in an isolated mountain range and spanning 25 years, Jakubisko's most recent film is also his most ambitious. A small village, ravaged by wolves, recovers ­ only to be invaded by a travelling theatre group. A passionate and destructive affair erupts, leading towards tragedy.



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From: 26 Nov 2004 00:00
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