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7 Jun 2016 19:00

Charles IV: Architectural Legacy and Modern Urban Environment

Prague, the most medieval of European capitals, owes the foundation of its New Town, the largest urban planning project of the medieval period, to king Charles IV, one of its first visionary developers. What were the international influences behind his ingenious spatial concept which prepared Prague for the demands of the 21st century? What is the essence of the sustainable urban space? How can heritage help to deliver regeneration, support enterprise today and involve and benefit communities?

A panel discussion chaired by Ros Kerslake, Chief Executive of The Prince’s Regeneration Trust. With Dave Chetwyn, Managing Director of Urban Vision Enterprise CIC and Chair, Historic Towns Forum; Zoë Opačić, Senior Lecturer in the History and Theory of Architecture, Birkbeck College, University of London; Karel Maier, architect and lecturer at Czech Technical University Prague, a specialist in urban planning and sustainable spatial development.

Admission: £8.50 + £1.65 booking fee

Prague celebrates the 700th birthday of the greatest-ever Czech
Juliet Rix, 14 May 2016, Daily Telegraph

Part of a series of events celebrating the 700th anniversary of the birth of Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV (1316–1378) organized by Czech Centre London, Czech Tourism, The Friends of Czech Heritage, Czech National Trust and Embassy of the Czech Republic in London.

Part of London Festival of Architecture 2016.
London Festival of Architecture runs from 1 – 30 June. www.londonfestivalofarchitecture.org

Cover image: Prague, from Harmann Schedel's Liber Chronicarum 1439; photo: Jiří Kuthan


Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV during the building of Prague’s New Town.
Illustration from Charles IV illustrated by Renáta Fučíková and published by Práh.

The rich illustrations and concise text provides an intelligible view of personality of the pre-emninent Czech ruler. It portrays his life’s fortunes, the world of the High Middle Ages, its monuments, and the fashion habits of the imperial court.

The book is being sold in Czech, as well as an English translation. It can be ordered at:
http://www.prah.cz/knihy/karel-iv-vice-jazyku-jezkova-a-fucikova-r-223 (English version)
http://www.prah.cz/knihy/karel-iv-jezkova-fucikova-jezkova-244 (Czech version)

Publisher Práh is offering another book by Renáta Fučíková, which presents the modern history of Prague:
‘Prague in the Heart’ is a collection of 189 true stories of events that have taken place in Prague over the past 200 years. They show that the recent past has been no less dramatic and convoluted than the medieval period. Franz Kafka, Jaroslav Seifert, Jaroslav Hašek and Václav Havel were all residents of Prague.

The book is being sold in Czech, as well as an English translation. It can be ordered at:
http://www.prah.cz/knihy/prague-in-the-heart-fucikova-renata-350 (English version)
http://www.prah.cz/knihy/praha-v-srdci-fucikova-renata-345 (Czech version)


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7 Jun 2016 19:00


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