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1 Nov 2010 00:00 - 19 Nov 2010 00:00

Lost in Translation?

LOST IN TRANSLATION is an exhibition exploring what it is like to live in another country through the works of British and Czech artists with experience of living in the opposite countries. Each works tell a different story about coping with the change of the environment, but what unites them is that it’s impossible for an artist not to be influenced by it in their work. It doesn’t seem to matter where you are from until you move elsewhere, because that’s when you really start to see who you are; to the point of surprising yourself with unexpected yearning for the national identity. The language barrier especially is something that even those resumed to visual communication can find staggering. Settling into another culture is an emotional and adventurous process. The wonderment of things being different - cars on the other side of the road, learning to talk at great length about the weather and the tube announcements in an alien language. You take it all in with all your heightened senses, initially feeling displaced and uprooted, but gradually beginning to grasp your environment and redefining your identify. You are never going to be the same. Curated by UK-based Czech curator, Michaela Freeman.

1 - 19 November 2010
Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London W6 9RL





Sunday 14 November, 4.15 pm

Riverside Studios

Tickets: £5
Box Office: 020 8237 1111


Czechin London

Tomáš Doležal and Marta Svobodová, UK, 2010, 20m

Seven Czechs, Seven Dreams and Realities: Seven reasons to come and stay in London. The documentary follows the lives of seven young Czech people after they settle in London. Told exclusively from their point of view, it provides an intimate insight into their thoughts and lives, and the search for identity in the multicultural London environment.


Lost in Translation? – Your Story

Moderated Open Discussion

To celebrate the official opening of the Lost in Translation? exhibition and the premiere of Czechin London join the seven young Czechs and also the artists participating in the exhibition to share your experiences of adapting to another country.

Followed by the opening of the exhibition.

Part of London Diverse and Lively organized by Dynama www.dynama.org

Supported by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Bernard, Original Czech Lager. 





Win two film passes for the New Czech Cinema 2010 season

To enter the competition send an e-mail by 8 November 2010 to info@czechcentre.org.uk describing your experiences of living abroad (In English only). The winner will be announced on 9 November 2010 and the best entries published on www.czechcentre.org.uk.


Part of THE NEW CZECH CINEMA 2010, the 14th Czech Film Festival (11 - 26 November 2010).


30 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QY London
United Kingdom


From: 1 Nov 2010 00:00
To: 19 Nov 2010 00:00


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