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11 Oct 2012 - 12 Oct 2012

Love in the Grave at the 56th BFI London Film Festival

This documentary by David Vondráček is an account of the life and love of a homeless couple who live in a cemetery and their resilience in the face of social indifference.


Love in the Grave (Láska v hrobě)
Director-Screenwriter David Vondráček

Producer Tereza Krejčí, Krasimira Velitchkova
Czech Republic 2011
79 mins
Production company Yekot Film

Filmed over a number of years, David Vondráček’s powerful documentary records the lives of Jan and Jana, a homeless couple who find refuge in a cemetery in the Prague borough of Strašnice. Living on food from garbage containers and trading the books and porn magazines they find there, they nonetheless live lives of independence, love and humour. Jana, a former prostitute, tries to visit her daughter while Jan visits his aged mother after many years, but both fail to re-establish links with their past. Through identification with their everyday world, Vondráček reaches the human reality and complexity beneath the surface, a world not so different from that of the supposedly successful. Eventually, they are expelled from their temporary home with heartbreaking consequences. Vondráček’s award-winning documentary reveals the breadth of experience – even vibrancy – surviving in the world of the dispossessed.

Peter Hames

Showing times

11 October at 9 pm, on sale from 24 September
12 October at 1.15 pm, on sale from 24 September
BFI Southbank, NFT3
Belvedere Road, South Bank, London SE1 8XT


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BFI Southbank, NFT3, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London SE1 8XT


From: 11 Oct 2012
To: 12 Oct 2012



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