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22 Feb 2011 - 27 Apr 2011

Made in Prague, The New Czech Cinema UK Tour

FOUR CZECH FILMS, TWO MONTHS, 12 UK DESTINATIONS! Already in its third year, Made in Prague, the biannual New Czech Cinema UK Tour, is a showcase of the best of contemporary Czech films, cherry-picked from festivals all over the world.

This year’s selection consists of four films, ranging from WWII drama (Protektor), literary adaptation (The Karamazovs) and documentary (Katka) to contemporary road movie (Twosome) and presents works by directors Marek Najbrt, Petr ´Buttoners´ Zelenka, Helena Trestikova and Jaroslav Fuit respectively. While Protektor is inspired by real characters and examines the lives of a Jewish film star and her husband while focusing on the role of the media during the war, The Karamazovs weaves the real world with fiction when a theatre company stages the work in a Polish steelworks. In heartfelt Katka we trace - from hope via despair to a crossroads marked by pregnancy - 14 years in the life of a young junkie, while Twosome offers an exciting debut with universal appeal about a young couple’s relationship fatigue.

Launching at the Glasgow Film Festival on 22 February with the screening of Protektor, the Made in Prague season will be seen in Aberystwyth, Bath, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hereford, London – Greenwich, Newcastle and Swansea, becoming part of the WOW, New Europe and Bordelines Film Festivals.

Download the festival brochure:

Organised by the Czech Centre London in collaboration with Czech Film Centre and Picturehouse Cinemas.

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Sat 12 Mar – Aberystwyth

Sat 9, Wed 13 Apr – Cambridge

Thu 10 Mar – Cardiff

Thu 31 Mar, Sat 2 Apr – Hereford

Wed 6 April – Edinburgh

Tue 22 Feb - Glasgow
Wed 20 Apr – Greenwich, London

Mon 28 Feb – Bath

Mon 18 Apr – Oxford

Thu 17 Mar – Liverpool

Mon 14 Mar – Swansea

Wed 23 Mar – Newcastle
Thu 5 May - Stratford, London



Marek Najbrt, Czech Republic 2009, 100 min, Czech with subtitles
(Marek Daniel, Jana Plodkova, Klara Meliskova, Tomas Mechacek)

This is one of the first Czech films to deal with the treatment of Jews during the pre-WWII Nazi occupation and the ensuing Protectorate. It deserves to be seen for this alone, not to mention the fact that it received six Czech Lion awards and the Krzysztof Kieślowski Award. In 1938 Prague, reporter Emil and his actress wife Hana are both young and successful. However, the occupation and war deprive Hana, a Jew, of work and any sort of normal life. Emil tries to save her by entering the German propaganda machine, but in a twist of roles and fate, in order to protect his beloved, he betrays love itself. His ‘protectorship’ becomes the same lie as the ‘protectoral’ role of Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich instituted for the good of the Czech nation. PROTEKTOR offers a gorgeously stylistic evocation of the era with samplings of Gershwin as it develops a bitterly sceptical reflection of the dark side of an imaginary Czech character. In Emil, human dignity loses out to careerism and attempts to compromise between the demands of those in power and his inviolable privacy.

Winner of six Czech Lions (including Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay)

The Karamazovs

Fri 11 Mar – Aberystwyth

Sun 10 Apr – Cambridge

Wed 9 Mar – Cardiff

Wed 6 Apr – Hereford

Sat 2 Apr – Edinburgh

Mon 28 Mar - Glasgow
Wed 23 Mar – Greenwich, London

Mon 14 Mar – Bath

Mon 21 Mar – Oxford

Thu 3 Mar – Liverpool

Wed 27 Apr – Newcastle


Petr Zelenka, CR / PL 2008, 100 min, Czech with subtitles
(Ivan Trojan, Igor Chmela, Martin Mysicka, David Novotny)

A Prague theatre company arrives in Poland to present an adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov at an alternative drama festival, staged in a steelworks factory. With rehearsals getting underway, we follow not only the play’s emotional story dealing with faith, immortality and the salvation of the human soul, but also the relationships within the acting troupe, which begin to reflect Dostoevsky’s greatest themes. In both his chosen subject and form, Zelenka has created an exceptional piece, oscillating between fiction and documentary and centred on the production mounted by Prague’s Dejvice Theatre. The film reflects Dostoevsky’s ethical debates on God, free will and morality, giving us the theatrical production almost in its entirety, whilst slowly revealing offstage the characters’ stories, which interlace with and echo the themes portrayed on stage. THE KARAMAZOVS is Czech production at its best and is a must for any fan of great literature and theatre


Czech Lion 2008 – Best Film, Best Director. IFF KV 2008 - International Film Critics Award (FIPRESCI) 




Sun 24 Apr – Cambridge 

Mon 11 Apr – Edinburgh
Mon 21 Mar - Glasgow
Wed 27 Apr – Greenwich, London
Mon 7 Mar – Bath

Mon 14 Mar – Oxford

Thu 24 Mar – Liverpool

Wed 13 Apr – Newcastle



Jaroslav Fuit, Czech Republic 2009, 89‘, Czech with subtitles

(Kristyna Fuitova-Novaková, Jakub Wagner, David Maj)


Czech independent films don’t usually come like this - both experimental and endearing - which is why TWOSOME has been chosen for this tour. In this intimate and honest road movie, shot in its own version of the Dogma manifesto, the titular twosome, Michal and Veronika, go through the uncertainty of any relationship at its first crossroads. The trip brings unexpected situations and of course confronts our protagonists with their own attitudes to life, making them either conform or resist, improvise or take action. The tension of the pair’s constant bickering leads them to realise just how much their personalities and interests differ. The road movie is a natural format in which this develops and, as in life, simply continues. What the film does well is to capture the hollow emptiness and boredom that we all feel at times, but also a sense of vitality, an appetite for enjoyment and an unwillingness to take responsibility for one‘s behaviour. There will be something that will ring true for most couples, and the young at heart of any age


Sat 23, Wed 27 Apr – Cambridge

Sun 3 April – Edinburgh
Mon 14 Mar - Glasgow
Wed 13 Apr – Greenwich, London

Mon 21 Mar – Bath

Mon 11 Apr – Oxford

Thu 10 Mar – Liverpool

Mon 14 Mar – Swansea

Wed 20 Apr – Newcastle
Thu 28 Apr - Stratford, London
Fri 29 Apr -  Genesis Cinema, London



Helena Trestikova, Czech Republic, 2009, 90´, Czech with subtitles  

Following MARCELA and RENE (both of which screened in Made in Prague tours), Helena Třeštíková brings us yet another remarkable observational documentary. This time the central character is a drug addict named Katka. We meet her in 1996 as a 19 year old in therapy, a young woman dreaming of normality, that one day she will have a boyfriend, live like her peers, and maybe even start a family. But in the coming years her life becomes an inescapable merry-go-round of constant drug use, theft, and ever greater physical and moral devastation. It’s Katka’s awareness of the hopelessness of her existence and the momentary, desperate attempts to break her addiction that bring the filmmaker back in 2007. After a hiatus, Třeštíková returns and discovers that the 30-year-old Katka is still on drugs and now pregnant. From here, the unexpected pregnancy and the desperate struggle for the child’s future become the focal point. It is Třeštíková’s commitment to her subjects and the strength of hope that make her documentaries unique, unintrusive and respectful. She is one of the best documentary filmmakers currently working and KATKA is not to be missed 


Premiered at IDFA 2010, awarded two prices at RIDM, Montréal International Documentary Festival.

Aberystwyth, Bath, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hereford, London – Greenwich, Liverpool, Newcastle, Oxford, Swansea

From: 22 Feb 2011
To: 27 Apr 2011


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