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13 Nov 2011 13:30

Stick, start beating! (ONLY IN CZECH)

A fairy tale about a poor but good hearted musician who despite being hungry himself, shares his last piece of bread with an old man. In return he receives three magic gifts; a tablecloth which fills with food, a donkey that sheds gold coins and a stick that beats its master’s foes. When a greedy innkeeper steels the tablecloth and the donkey, the magic stick makes sure that the evil is punished and good rewarded in Karel Jaromír Erben’s humorous story full of songs.

Part of the Made in Prague 2011, Film & Literature Festival.


Jaromír Pleskot, Czechoslovakia, 1955, 77‘, in Czech only
Cast: Ladislav Pešek, Josef Beyvl, František Smolík, Renata Borová

Followed by a workshop for children.
Admission all 5 GBP.
BOX OFFICE: 020 8237 1111


Karel Jaromír Erben (1811-1870) - Czech romantic writer, poet and collector of Czech folk songs and fairy tales. National Songs in Bohemia (1842), The Bouquet (1853), Czech Fairy Tales (1905).

In collaboration with the Czech School without Borders, London.


Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 9RL


13 Nov 2011 13:30


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