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25 Jul 2015 - 8 Aug 2015

Czech Video-art at Ny Show #3

Ny space is a new artist led residency and exhibition space in the heart of Manchester city centre. Focusing on emerging artists, Ny Show #3 is the first in a series of international exchanges, exhibitions and collaborations at the Ny Space happening in the coming months. The exhibition also features video-works by Czech artists Aleš Čermák, Adam Vačkář, Barbora Kleinhamplová and P.O.L.E. collective. Currated for Ny Space by Prague based curator and art critic Mariana Serranová.

Featured artists:
Maeve Rendle
Janine Goldsworthy
Lothar Götz
Jessica Longmore
Curated by Ny Space

Aleš Čermák
Adam Vačkář
Barbora Kleinhamplová
P.O.L.E. collective
Curated by Mariana Serranová

When asking authors of initiatives based on collective work, social engagement, dialogue, cooperation and exchange about their work, you often find out that their practice is not an experiment, but rather a necessity - a need to transcend the limits of individual work and thus to legitimize it. Unpredictable relationships then open up new challenges; we waver between altruistic desire to belong and be part of a common action that would lead to brighter future days and between scepticism springing from our consciousness of the ambivalence of manipulative behaviour of individuals and groups. The 20th century which stressed individual freedoms at the same time questioned the possibility of individual autonomy and made us see the crisis of communities and articulate collective problems. It is impossible to release a person from his or her social context. A group psychotherapist will also tell you that it is impossible to solve your own neurosis alone as it is always the outcome of relationships with others.

Mariana Serranová Introduction to exhibition: Saturday 25th July 3:00-4:00pm
Maeve Rendle intervention: Saturday 8th August 3:00-4:00pm

For the above events RSVP ny.manchester@gmail.com 

The project is supported by:
The art collective Are
Arts and Theatre Institute Prague
Czech Centre London
East Street Arts


Aleš Čermák, To begin with, we can reformulate the exacting system of conditions for an affirmative response of the type: ‘Yes! The true life is present’, video, record from a performance, Prague, 11:45 min

Barbora Kleinhamplová, Reliable relationship, video, 20:54 min

Barbora Kleinhamplová, Reliable relationship, video, 20:54 min

P.O.L.E. collective, From the world of crafts and services in several pictures – live broadcast from studio (2014, Bratislava Tranzit), video, 30:05 min

Adam Vačkář, Margin of hope, video, 17:00 min

Adam Vačkář, Margin of hope, video, 17:00 min


Ny Space, Faulkner House, New York Street, Manchester, M1 4DY


From: 25 Jul 2015
To: 8 Aug 2015


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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