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11 Jun 2013 18:00

Meet the Architects: Opočenský-Valouch

The Czech office of architects Opočenský-Valouch will present their project at the evening 'Meet the Architects' offering an opportunity to meet some of the architects presenting their future projects at the Atlas of the Unbuilt World exhibition. Jiří Opočenský will introduce the Opočenský-Valouch studio and their current project of renovating the Community House in Slavonice while embracing the history of the town.

The Community House in Slavonice was built by German citizens of the town before the Second World War to serve as a meeting place for their clubs and societies.
From the 1980s the house had been extended several times without any concept in mind.
Planned conversion into a cinema was never finished. After 1989 the house was bought by local NGO (Slavonická renesanční), which organizes public cultural and educational activities, and it was decided it would be renovated.

After the renovation, the house will reach low energy standards and new quality will be brought to the site.
The original walls depict the eventful history of Slavonice. Expulsion of the town´s German citizens after the Second World War and settlement of new citizens changed the place dramatically. The facade of the house represents this history, it is the witness of the events typical for the Czech Republic and Central Europe, bringing reconciliation.











Realisation: 2012-2013

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18.00 Welcome

18.05 – 18.15 Jean Francois Milou, Studio Milou (Singapore)
Jean Francois Milou is Director of Studio Milou, based in Paris and Singapore.

Project: National Art Gallery, Singapore

The National Art Gallery of Singapore will rehabilitate two of the nation’s most significant monuments, City Hall and the former Supreme Court. The project conserves the stature of these monuments, while uniting them beneath a luminous veil poised over the rooftops, and descending discretely to mark a single main entrance to the galleries. A first of its kind for Singapore, this project reflects the will to root the urban and cultural growth of the city-state deeply within its history and heritage.

18.15 – 18.25 Jiří Opočenský and Štěpán Valouch, O-VA (Czech Republic)
Jiří Opočenský and Štěpán Valouch are the founders of O-VA Architects based in Prague.

Project: Community House Slavonice
Community House in Slavonice is an example of a sensitive approach to restoration within the historic centre of a town.
The original walls depict the history of Slavonice, marked by the expulsion of German Citizens following the Second World War. The renovation plans include discarding the numerous extensions and elevating it by one floor, breathing new life into the old walls which will house a centre for culture and education, a cafe, offices, an auditorium and study rooms.

18.25 – 18.35 Selim Biplob, Synthesis Architects (Bangladesh)

Selim Biplob is a partner of Synthesis Architects, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project: Vacation House at Tarabo
Traditional Bangladeshi architecture has a certain permeability that intertwines with its surrounding environment. With growing client demand for a particular type of aesthetic that celebrates the continuation of indoor space out into the surrounding landscape, Synthesis Architects have created this residence for a private client. Its design considers natural light, air, shade, shadow and the horizon, capturing the spirit of its unstructured rural site, far from the familiar constraints of urban locations.

18.35 – 18.45 Budi Pradono, Budi Pradono Architects (Indonesia)
Budi Pradono is the founder and principal of this research based architectural studio with interdisciplinary practice focus on contemporary lifestyle, hospitality and urban design.

Project: Inverted Pyramid
The inverted pyramid adopts the concept of the existing ‘kampung’, a traditional urban village in Jakarta which is informal and irregular. The village will consist of six blocks of social housing and one block of public facilities which will house a mosque, church, sports hall and parking. The housing structures offer informal public social spaces, while the surrounding steel frame of the pyramid has a flexible programme accommodating energy production, an urban farm, and balconies for home-based business facilities.

18.45 – 18.55 Eric Wright, BOOM Architects (South Africa)

Eric Wright is the Co-founder of BOOM Architects, a studio founded on a common connection to Johannesburg and the relationship of the city’s users to the urban fabric.

Project: Informal Studio: Marlboro South
This project in Marlboro South (an area of Johannesburg that formally acted as an apartheid buffer which has been informally occupied over the past 2 decades turning vacant lots and former factories into a hybrid residential / industrial area) set about developing robust frameworks to structure the dynamic growth of the settlement and improve quality of life through better defensible communal spaces. The settlements allow for growth, the introduction of formal services and legal tenure.

18.55 – 19.05 Rolf Nielsen, CF Moller (Denmark)

Rolf Nielsen is an Associate Architect at C.F. Møller, one of Scandinavia's oldest and largest architectural practices. Their award-winning work involves a wide range of expertise that covers all architectural services.

Project: New University Hospital, Aarhus
The New University Hospital in Aarhus will be organised just like a town and is the largest hospital construction project in Danish history. There will be a hierarchy of neighbourhoods, streets and squares providing the basis for a diverse, dynamic and green urban area with an intuitive way-finding system for users. The project represents the future demands and expectations of a university hospital in Denmark, and is pioneering the development of 'Healing Architecture', incorporating evidence -based design.

19.05 – 19.20 Q&A

19.20 – 20.00 Drinks, some beer and soft drinks will be available.



The Bartlett School of Architecture, Royal Ear Hospital, corner of Huntley Street and Capper Street, London WC1E 6JA


11 Jun 2013 18:00


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