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22 Jun 2009 00:00 - 27 Jun 2009 00:00

Mila Judge-Furstova: Mythologies

The solo show featuring Mila’s latest work. The fascination that her work inspires is very much a product of that difficult to achieve synthesis of technical virtuosity and poetic spirit. Mila has been described by critics as ‘one of the greatest talents of contemporary graphic arts and the one to watch’.

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Two years ago Mila's work was discovered by a former director of Christies, Dermot Chichester. As a result, the idea of a comprehensive new show of very different works by Mila in central London was born. Since this time the artist has worked almost solely on this project. She has pushed the boundaries of printmaking and created a groundbreaking body of unique works which will be shown in the Air Gallery in London, in Dover Street (just of Piccadilly) for one week only, from Monday 22nd of June to Sunday 28th of June.

Contemporary Czech printmaker, Míla Fürstová, is unveiling her highly anticipated and unique collection of etchings in London’s The Air Gallery on Monday 22nd June. An exquisite thirty piece collection of one-off pieces, Míla Works 07-09 is the result of two years of creativity and exploration and comprises three chapters: Mythologies, Drawings & Paintings and Venice Diaries.

Míla, who moved to the UK 12 years ago, is known for her unique method of printmaking, pushing the boundaries of the traditional medium of etching and employing experimental techniques to create unique mixed media three-dimensional constructions.

Inspired by the timelessness of culture, her work makes strong mythological references mixed with personal narratives, interweaving everyday experiences with myths, tales and dreams. This exploration of the artist’s psyche taps into the age-old relationship between printmaking, books and story telling.

Key pieces from the collection include, pictured above, (Etching and mixed media, 2007), One Journey II (Etching and mixed media, 2008), Adam and Eve III (Etching and mixed media, 2008), Diary II (Etching and mixed media sculpture, 2008).

As well as solo exhibitions in London, New York and Prague, Míla’s work can also be found in public and private collections including that of Her Majesty The Queen, the Sultan of Brunei, the Victoria & Albert Museum (Mapping the Imagination, 2008), and the Ashmoleum Museum of Art, Oxford.

Recently elected the youngest Academician at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, she is currently Artist in Residence at Cheltenham Ladies College having been appointed five years ago. Míla designed and built her own unique studio at the college and currently spends two days a week there teaching 16-18-year-old girls.

The collection, supported by the Embassy of the Czech Republic and former Chairman of Christie’s Dermot Chichester, will be displayed at The Air Gallery, Dover Street, London, from Monday 22nd June to Saturday 27th June.

About Mila
Míla Judge-Fürstová is a unique artist printmaker whose works combine both the mythical and historical with personal narratives. Printmaking has a deep history with books and lends itself naturally to telling complex stories. In the “Danae” series the motif of water is explored as a feminine theme suggesting power and release. In “Flight over Sea” and “Flight V” the ideas of escape and the erosion of identity are examined. Perhaps of all the mediums artists use, intaglio printmaking lends itself to self reflection – even to the literal mirror like quality of a copper plate. Although in many previous works Míla has suggested her own presence she is now depicting herself as a protagonist within the images.

The fascination that her work inspires is very much a product of that difficult to achieve synthesis of technical virtuosity and poetic spirit. What we can take from work like this is something as profound as an encounter with another person.

Professor Chris Orr R.A. September 2007


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From: 22 Jun 2009 00:00
To: 27 Jun 2009 00:00


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