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30 Jun 2008 00:00 - 27 Jul 2008 00:00

Modernity and Tradition: Czech Film in Interwar Europe

Info: 0131 228 2688, www.filmhousecinema.com

Dates and times tbc


Avant-garde Shorts

Mon 30 June

A programme of shorts including Alexander Hackenschmied’s film At the Prague Castle (Czechoslovakia, 1931, 11’) and Elmar Klos’s

The Highway Sings (Czechoslovakia, 1937, 4’). Live piano accompaniment.


The Singing Earth

Tue 1 July

Karel Plicka’s documentary records the vanishing world of Slovak folk culture. Edited by Alexander Hackenschmiedt with a sensitive

orchestration of music and image.

(Karel Plicka, Czechoslovakia, 1932, 133’)


Celluloid Dreams and Celluloid Myths

Thu 3 July

A themed programme combining Jiri Lehovec’s film The Magic Eye (Czechoslovakia, 1939, 10’) with Waxworks by Paul Leni (Germany, 1924, 61’).


City Films

Fri 4 July

A programme featuring films devoted to cities includes Prague at Night by Svatopluk Innemann (Czechoslovakia, 1928, 24’), Aimless Walk (Czechoslovakia, 1928, 20’) by Alexander Hackenschmiedt and Otakar Vavra’s Living in Prague (Czechoslovakia, 1934, 13’). Live piano accompaniment


Faithless Marijka + The Song of Ruthenia

Mon 21 July

Faithless Marijka is a portrait of social and religious isolation shot in the Carpathian Ukraine.(Vladislav Vancura, Czechoslovakia, 1934, 76’; Jiri Weiss, Czechoslovakia, 1937, 11’)


Heave Ho!

Mon 28 July
Set against the background of the depression, Heave Ho! Features the comedy team of Jiri Voskovec and Jan Werich in a whole range of inventive slapstick routines, with Werich as the head of a firm ruined by a ruthless rival, and Voskovec a workers’ representative.
(Martin Fric, Czechoslovakia, 1934, 99’)

Heave Ho!


30 Kensington Palace Gardens
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From: 30 Jun 2008 00:00
To: 27 Jul 2008 00:00



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