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24 Sep 2015 - 27 Sep 2015

Czech Design at London Design Festival: Monika Krobová - The Cut outs

Monika Krobová, a fashion designer based between London and Prague, presents her collection The Cut outs at Designersblock London 2015. Monika graduated from Fashion and Footwear Design Studio in Prague AAAD and has presented her fashion collections in Prague Design Weeks, while her latest SS16 collection “The Cut outs” was presented in Mercedes Benz Prague fashion week. Monika applies fashion and textile design beyond the making of clothing, she draws ideas from art to performance, architecture to humanities. Her conception of fashion design oscillate between design and art--- from individual garments to collections; from an object to an art project; from materiality, palette, form, to their correlations with current affairs.

“The Cut outs” collection works with ways of using informative and relative functional decoration, drawing inspiration from uniforms, its badges, ranks and honours. All of these are considered elements of decoration – signs which visually and semantically shift the constant similarity of uniforms. The overal concept is closely linked with the basic principles of how we perceive and interpret uniform clothing on various levels. Integration of decorations into garments has become the primary goal of this collection. Decoration - signs have been used in situations where they reflect aesthetic and functional meaning and where they structurally develop a dialogue that oscillates between having practical function yet being “only” a designer’s invention. “The most fundamental purpose of a uniform is to make its wearer looks as intimidating as possible. This can be about emphasizing masculinity or, given the current military gender balance, of de-emphasizing sexuality. In the days when physical strength was critical, uniforms were designed to make wearer look bigger than they really were (...). A military uniform is also designed to deal with highly specific contexts: the mess, the drill hall, the parade ground, and the battlefield in summer and winter, in desert and snow. And it offers opportunities for the wearer to costumize it with their own marks through badges of rank and military decorations. The uniform highlights he paradox between fashion as a means of individual self-expression and as a way to suppress individuality and provide a prefabricated identity for those who wear it.”
Deyan Sudjic, The language of Things


24 - 27 September 2015

Designersblock London 2015
Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street
South Bank
London SE1 9PH

Opening hours: 11am-7pm


Photos: Eliška Stejskalová, Jan Kolský


London Design Festival, Designersblock London 2015, Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH


From: 24 Sep 2015
To: 27 Sep 2015


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