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5 Aug 2011 14:00

So This Is Our Leni?!

Hop Hop theatre company, from Ostrov in the Czech Republic, presents a story of a little girl Leni, who was sent to be "re-educated" in Nazi Germany. A powerful story performed in English and Czech.

'My name is Leni Freiwald. We are a "damizen" family here. That means we survived the first war, which wasn't as horrible as the second. Both of them were bad for our family because my Grandpa, the watchmaker, died in the first one. My Grandma died after that.'

This is the story of our Leni, who was "re-educated" in Nazi Germany.

For bookings visit:

or call : 0800 411 8881

The play will be performed on 5 August at 14:00 and 16:00

About HOP HOP:

Hop Hop theatre company, from Ostrov in the Czech Republic, is part of a specialist school of arts. They take part in many national and international festivals and have an outstanding reputation, especially for their work in physical theatre.

The Hop Hop group, directed by Irena Konyvkova, has been performing for 31 years and most of its 63 productions have been performed at national competitions including student drama, music, physical theatre and puppetry. The company has two "ensembles" and participates in around 70 events a year.

They are often invited to perform abroad, where they usually perform in German or English. The group has toured to festivals in Italy, Austria, England, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Hop Hop have excellent ties with Central Youth Theatre and have taken part in several themed projects. They also organise the international children's theatre festival Ostrovke Soukani, which is often attended by members of Central Youth Theatre.

More about HOP-HOP at:

Arena Theatre, Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1SE

5 Aug 2011 14:00


Arena Theatre

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