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19 Oct 2013 - 22 Oct 2013

Ondrej Buddeus at the North Wales International Poetry Festival

Czech poet Ondrej Buddeus will be one of the nineteen poets from all over Europe performing in various Welsh towns as part of the North Wales International Poetry Festival. Dynamic new poetry in a dazzling range of languages including Czech will be presented with Welsh and English translation.

Ondrej Buddeus (*1984) is a Czech translator, poet and an episodic essayist. He translates from German and Norwegian (J. Winkler, J. E. Vold, A. Mortensen et al.), is editor-in-chief of the contemporary poetry magazine Psí vino and is writing his doctoral thesis in Scandinavian studies.

Some of his texts have been translated into German, Italian, Polish and English. In 2011, he published his début text collection 55 007 characters with spaces and picture book for adults, Orangutan in captivity tends towards obesity.

He was nominated for the Magnesia Litera Prize, Bank Austria Literaris and Dresdner Lyrikpreis. In 2013, he was awarded with the Jiri Orten Prize for his collection Swiftly.

North Wales International Poetry Festival (17 October - 22 October)

Ondrej Buddeus will also give two reading is London:
23 October, 8 pm at the at the Rich Mix Arts Centre Lower Cafe Gallery
26 October at the Camarade poetry festival


Ondrej Buddeus, bit-poetics: 1

I've spent 17 885 hours sleeping by your side.
I've eaten 962 kilos of meat with you, roughly 4 and a half tons of potatoes, rice, dumplings, pasta and the like.
I've used up 466 m3 of water for washing, drinking, shaving, the toilet and flowers.
We've made love 1135 x and in 73% of the time it wasn't just about the sex, I hope at least.

We have 2 children. The daughter visits every other Sunday.
We put our son to bed at 10.
We have a three bedroom apartment together with an area of 112 m2 and in it 13 flowers, 22 glasses, 12 forks and 12 knives and 12 spoons, 16 mugs, 4 saucepans, 7 pot-lids, 5 sharp knives, 3 tables, 7 chairs, 2 armchairs, 6 paintings, 843 books, one piano and one laptop.

I've said 4 113 277 words to you and you've said 5 035 153 words to me.
You owe me 420 answers and I owe you 1587 questions.

I don't know the answers I owe you.
I don't know the questions you owe me.

I took count.


Bangor, Aberystwyth, Mold, Caernarfon, Portmeirion

From: 19 Oct 2013
To: 22 Oct 2013


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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