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18 Jun 2011 17:00

Katka by Helena Trestikova

Following on from the European Film Academy Award winning Rene (2008), Trestikova brings us Katka – 14 years in the life of a drug addict. Katka is an extraordinarily raw and uncensored character portrait of a troubled young woman living on the edge of human existence, desperately searching for love and salvation. Will she find it? You might be angry with Katka, or your heart may go out to her. One thing is certain – you will not forget her.

KATKA - Helena Trestikova, Czech Republic 2010, 90 mins, screen 3

Following MARCELA and RENE, Helena Trestikova brings us yet another remarkable observational documentary. This time the central character is a drug addict named Katka. We meet her in 1996 as a 19 year old in therapy, a young woman dreaming of normality, that one day she will have a boyfriend, live like her peers, and maybe even start a family. But in the coming years her life becomes an inescapable merry-go-round of constant drug use, theft, and ever greater physical and moral devastation. An unexpected pregnancy presents Katka with a final choice. (screening with What a Girl Wants)

“You bet on someone in the beginning of the process and then you wait and see what life does with them.” This is how Czech director Helena Trestikova explains her long-term documentaries.

Helena Trestikova

The event is kindly supported by the Embassy of the Czech Republic, Pilsner Urquell and Techo.

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18 Jun 2011 17:00


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