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Live and Tragical Death of Jan Masaryk

Czech Ambassador Mr Jan Winkler gives a lecture about life and tragic death of Jan Masaryk, a Czechoslovak diplomat and politician and Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia from 1940 to 1948.

Jan Patocka and the Idea of Europe

A debate on the thought and legacy of Czech dissident Jan Patocka, the most important philosopher to have theorised the idea of Europe after world wars, and founder of Charter 77.

Vilem Precan: Czechoslovakia in a Divided World 1948 –1968 –1989

For Czech history the number 8 has an almost mystical significance as it occurs in so many fateful years - the establishment of Czechoslovakia - 1918; Munich - 1938; the coup d’etat of 1948 and the...


The most successful play performed by favourite Theatre Sklep, loosely adapting a play by Vaclav Havel and Karel Brynda and presenting an eternal conflict of good and evil taking place in a small...

Czech Films at WOW! Wales One World Film Festival

Beauty in Trouble, a story of love and redemption, Empties, a sophisticated and perceptive comedy about a retired schoolteacher’s new job in a supermarket ...

Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl – live music concert at the 12 Bar Club, London.

Phil Shoenfelt is an English singer/songwriter/guitarist who has lived in Prague since 1995. Together with multi-instrumentalist Pavel Cingl, he will make a rare London appearance at the 12 Bar Club...

Teatr Novogo Fronta: Dias De Las Noches

It is 1974. Two actors, Arcady Ivanov and Momic Burman, have immigrated to Buenos Aires from the Soviet Union. It is difficult for them to accept that they can never return to Leningrad. In the...

Remembering 1948 and 1968: Reflections on Two Pivotal Years in Czech and Slovak History

This conference to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the imposition of communism in Czechoslovakia and the 40th anniversary of the Prague Spring has been organised by the Department of Central and...

Jasanský & Polák - Brussels Sprouts

Recently a group of photographers, perhaps inadvertently, revealed that the European Parliament is often almost completely empty, and the rest is just a Potemkin Village. Lukáš Jasanský and Martin...

DOT 504 - Heaven is the place…

A collaborative project between the DOT 504 ensemble and the Slovakian choreographer Anton Lachký, a member of the Akram Khan Company as a part of Resolution! festival at the Place. DOT 504 is the...


Concert of a popular Czech band.

The Diary of Petr Ginz

Not since Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl has such an intimately candid, deeply affecting account of a childhood compromised by Nazi tyranny come to light. As a fourteen-year-old Jewish boy...

British Sea Power

British Sea Power would like to announce a concert event at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London - to celebrate the release of their new single Waving Flags. This single celebrates...

Vaclav Havel: To the Castle and Back

The first new book in 17 years from the great dissident-turned-politician, who along with Walesa and Gorbachev will always be an icon of the magnificent, bloodless collapse of Soviet Bloc Communism.

Faces in the Void

"Faces in the Void" traces the steps of a historical Torah Scroll from Nazi-occupied Bohemia to Cambridge, through contemporary images by renowned photographer Marion Davies and the writings of...

Archetypical Encounter of the Third Kind

Etta Ermini Dance Theatre presents a 20 minutes dance theatre piece for three performers including Czech ballet dancer Tereza Havlickova.

Jan Palach

A talk about life of Jan Palach, a Czech student who set fire to himself on Wenceslaus Square in Prague on 16 January 1969 in protest at the reimposition of...

Czechmade, a new generation of glassmakers

Exhibition featuring the work of three young Czech glass artist teachers, Anna Polanská, Lada Semecká and Martin Hlubuček and their students.

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