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1 Feb 2012 - 3 Feb 2012


Polaris tells a story of two men on an Antartic pilgrimage in a trademark performance based on subtle, precise expression. The production is inspired by adventure novels, young men's fantasies and the desire to discover unknown territories. Meet heroes, fish, penguins, seals and snowstorms in a gripping tale of solitude, friendship and waiting for help which never comes.

Kuk and Klok walk endlessly over a white plain, not a tree, not a sound for miles around, but Klok‘s step upon Kuk‘s hop, though never a word between them. Kuk and Klok keep walking over that plain – and Klok‘s pops his cork. A performance about solitude, friendship, waiting for help which never comes, about faith and hope; about lost things, consciousness, values and one‘s loved ones; about the desire to lose oneself, to be lost and suffer hardship. This is a show full of masculine romance which is becoming more and more rare in today‘s world. „Our performance style is based on subtle, precise expression which is born out of motionlessness and the act of waiting. We deal with confrontations between the inner movement of thought and the motionlessbody in surroundings which never cease to move. Both characters thus embody their surrealist imaginings, which are brought forth in their frozen and starving condition from their troubled heads.“(Jan Beneš-McGadie)

Idea: Vojta Švejda, Jan Beneš-McGadie
creative team:  Vojta Švejda, Jan Beneš-McGadie, Jan Kalivoda, Teresie Benesdottoir

The production is dedicated to the Czech “polar” explorer Captain Arctic Bismarck.

1 February 2012 - Traverse Theatre
Scotland's New Writing Theatre,10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 2 (part of Manipulate Festival).
BOX OFFICE:  0131 228 1404

3 February 2012
Puppet Theatre
St James  Whitefriars, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 1TN
BOX OFFICE: 01603 629 921


various venues

From: 1 Feb 2012
To: 3 Feb 2012


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