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6 May 2008 00:00 - 00:00

Prague Spring and Invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968

Any hopes of creating ‘communism with human face’ out of the Prague Spring revolt were brutally crushed by the Soviet invasion of August 1968. Newsreels revealing tanks rolling into Prague, and astonishment and anger changing into the nation’s passive resistance provide emotionally strong testimony of these crucial days. Evald Schorm’s silent and lyrical documentary reinforces the idea of a national tragedy capped by the death of young student Jan Palach in January 1969 and foresees ‘normalisation’. Introduced by H.E. Jan Winkler, Czech Ambassador. In collaboration with the Czech Film Archive.

(Czechoslovak Newsreel No 35 &No 36, Czechoslovakia, 1968, 26’; Confusion, Evald Schorm, Czechoslovakia 1968-69/1989, 35’; Jan (69), Czechoslovakia 1969/2002, 7’)

Admission: £7

Info: 020 7073 1350, www.institut-francis.org.uk

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Part of Czech / European Years - events dedicated to anniversaries of seminal years of modern Czech / European history.



“All Power to the Imagination! 1968 and Its Legacies” marks the creative resistance of a remarkable year, while placing its lessons in the context of our own times. From April to June and across London, this major season explores 1968 culture, politics and thought and their manifestations in cinema, visual art, literature, music and activism. www.1968.org.uk



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6 May 2008 00:00 - 00:00


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