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22 May 2011 - 3 Jun 2011

Pulse Festival

A celebration of the growing presence and blossoming cultural influence of eastern and central european communities in the UK.



Fri 27 May, door 7pm, start 8pm / Rich Mix, London E1 

Ocean /CZ/
In the former Czechoslovakia and then in the Czech Republic were not more important and more popular synthi - band than Czech iconic OCEAN. Its quality has shown in 30 British and Irish concerts as support band in years 1989-1990 when OCEAN has performed along side famous group ERASURE at that time. OCEAN had the opportunity to perform in many places in Europe such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, France and Russia. Concert in London at Rich Mix Club April 27 is the culmination of this year's concert tour in major cities of the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Midi Lidi /CZ/ are an electronic project which originated from the darker musical side of Krasny Stehovak Gerard & Sexualni Nabytek (GERARD THE BEAUTIFUL FLITTER AND THE SEXUAL FURNITURE), along with video friends from FIUME. They play electronic music in their own unique style mixed with spliced Czech lyrics. The members of MIDI LIDI are more famous in the world of Czech culture as film makers (Petr Marek – Laska Shora 2002, Nebyt Dnesni 2005, music for the film Mistri), theatre performers (Prokop Holoubek and Petr Marek – Dekadentni divadlo Beruska) and visual artists (Filip Cenek, Magdalena Hruba, Marketa Lisa, Jan Sramek – aka VJ Kolouch).

Sat 28 May, door 7pm, start 8pm / Rich Mix, London E1

Joana and the Wolf /LT-UK/ are a London four piece fronted by Lithuanian singer-songwriter Joana Glaza. Their sound escapes categories. You can hear many things in it, but what would be the name for it? Maybe it doesn’t even exist yet. They are exotic without trying to be exotic. A girl with natural influences of Russian folk and Maria Callas comes to London, falls in love with rock - her forbidden fruit, the music that was banned in the East - embraces it with the passion of first love, finds people who listened in their cradles to the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin instead of lullabies and together they create this strange child...this child is dark epic poetic unique but it definitely has the balls of Rock n Roll. It doesn’t like small rooms, it explodes them. And in the end you stop caring about names and categories, you just admire it.

Dva /CZ/
Music journalists class the band DVA (TWO in English) as „The Unclassables“. The duo, which consists of Jan Kratochvíl (He) and Bára Kratochvílová (She), reifies its original music visions by uncountable means; to express its idea about how tango should sound, they employ beatbox, to titivate fragile folk compositions they use the sound of clarinet. They draw inspiration from the esthetics of music halls or circuses. Stories from their own worlds are then told by the band’s own language, which is the reason why their music is adressed as the „folk of the non-existing nations.“ In September 2010 the band has released their third album called HU. For sound is again responsible Berlin producer Jayrope and it was recorded at a deserted cottage. The band will spend the following months touring across Europe.

Balkan Beat Box /IL-USA/
Their name, their personal history and the enthusiastic media & audience reactions suggest a link with the so-called Gypsy Rock movement, but their scope is reaching way beyond that: Balkan Beat Box really transcend categories (pop, electronic dance music, world, rock) by creating a new breed of 21st century music, deeply connected to their folk upbringing yet forward-thinking, which appeals to audiences across the geographical and stylistic borders. Balkan Beat Box are an awesome live band, their energetic live shows have become legendary. They've been making crowds go wild at major festivals such as Bonaroo, Roskilde, Paleo etc, and will be touring again around the world throughout the year .

Fri 3 Jun, door 7pm, start 8pm / KOKO, London NW1 7JE

Richard Müller /SK/Richard is simply the most famous singer in the Slovak and Czech music scene. He is making a return to Koko after his successes here and the Astoria. Richard has realised 15 albums and won 18 Aurels (Slovaks Music Awards) and worked with names like Omar Hakim, Anthony Jackson, Hiram Bullock, Clifford Carter. His music is a fusion of pop, rock and jazz. His live concert shows have always amazed with phenomenal musicians on stage. It must be seen.


For more infromation go to www.pishter.com 


Rich Mix & KOKO, London


From: 22 May 2011
To: 3 Jun 2011


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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