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6 Dec 2007 00:00 - 00:00

Return of the Art Dead

RETURN OF THE ART DEAD is the inaugural exhibition of the Divus Unit 30 space in London Shoreditch. Divus Unit 30 will be showing international artists, especially from the Middle and Eastern Europe, and promoting its publications which include Umelec art magazine as well as books about contemporary culture and individual artists. Divus also publishes comic works and unclassifiable authors.


JAKUB FERRI (Kosovo) – video and drawings

TODOSCH (Germany) – marble sculptures

RAFANI (Czech Republic)– object-painting

OLIVER PIETSCH (Peru) – video



…..show where we start at the end



EVERYONE'S INVITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DIVUS Unit No.30, 3rd Floor, North Entrance, 37 Cremer Street, Shoreditch

London, E2 8HD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 79 51 14 39 16

e-mail: london@divus.cz







The art group Rafani was founded in Prague in 2000 as an open, democratic and collective structure for artistic action within the society. They combine their awareness of political history with very actual artistic actions. Their relationship to historical events (recent as well as hundreds of years old) is serious but never didactic. The role of manifestos in their projects has been taken over by using online resources like YouTube where they leave anonymous video recordings from their performances.


Jakup Ferri 


The young artist puts forward a question: 'Maybe I am late, because everything has been said and done'. A bothersome and discouraging question one might say, especially in countries which are 'late' themselves. Quite astonishingly, this delay inspires Jakup Ferri to produce his tongue-in-cheek comments: We are late, so what? In the video Don't tell anybody, Ferri counts the number of grains in one kilo of rice. In medieval times, scholars engaged in heated arguments over the number of angels balancing on the point of a needle. For purpose. Scholars of modern day materialism count the number of grains in rice. For no purpose.

(Shkëlzen Maliqi)


Todosch Schlopsnies


'You are confronted by a huge robust but dynamic sandstone statue. You gaze at it, admiring its strange but familiar shapes. The statue has a grim but hearty expression. Is it an animal or some abstract conglomerate? What does it remind you of? Oh yes. It's the elemental features of a Pokemon character, rendered as a multi-ton monument.' (Halka Tresnakova) In 2000, Thorsten Schlopsnies—aka Todosch—attempted to attack the ongoing Hannover Expo with a paramilitary convoy. A few years later, he had dog teeth implanted into his jaw, and he established the myth of a Dog Tunnel (Hundetunnel) in Chicago—an event that has yet to be

sufficiently documented....


Oliver Pietsch


Society permanently renegotiates the definition of drugs and our relationship towards them. In his forty-five minute found-footage film The Conquest of Happiness, produced in 2005, Oliver Pietsch, a Berlin-based video artist, demonstrates which drugs society can accommodate, which it cannot, and how the story of the drugs can be told in film.


Gabriel Acevedo Velarde


Gabriel Acevedo Velarde uses drawings, animation, performance and video in his projects whose common denominator is the will to point towards the ordered and chaos that resolve from destroying the system. His works show a particular view of the world and human condition through biting critiques of the contemporary world. He acknowledges his own complicity with the world of the excess of egocentrism, the enthusiastic faith for scientific knowledge, compulsively repeated traumatic situations, and a sexual energy that at the same time corrupts and harmonizes a cartoonish





Unit 30 is open every day except Sun and Mon, 12-8pm

and by appointment.


london@divus.cz, +44 (0) 7951 143 916

For further information: www.divus.cz

Exhibition and events schedule: www.easternalliance.org

Umelec Magazine: www.umelec.org



30 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QY London
United Kingdom


6 Dec 2007 00:00 - 00:00



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