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11 Apr 2016 - 27 Jun 2016

Barbora Kleinhamplová at Gasworks

Czech artist Barbora Kleinhamplová has been selected for Czech Centre London Residency at Gasworks. The resiedency will take place form 11 April to 27 June 2016 and it is organised by Gasworks and supported by the Czech Centre and Arts Institute. The Gasworks residencies are opportunities for self-led professional development, artistic exchange and experimentation.

Kleihamplová's work is rooted in the relationship of human existence and the contemporary political and economic institutions. She comments on different layers of society, using associations and metaphors. For some time it has been her overarching aim to pose questions like what is a society, how it works, what are its constitutive elements, what are its illnesses, its emotions, its future or a situation of an individual in the middle of it. Performative dimension of some of her projects try to accent the symbolic role of the body politics in the economic and power system.

In London she would like to research several interrelated topics that can vaguely be framed under
the notion of precariat.
Within it she intends to dedicate her capacities to topic such as:
- Intimate and traumatic relationship between people and technological devices
- Twisting relationship between a human as a subject/object in relation to technology: a human could more and more be understood as an object whereas technology being a subject in its relation
to a human

Barbora Kleinhamplová (*1984 in Liberec, CZ) lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her work has been exhibited in the Czech Republic as well as internationally - including New Museum, Astrup Farnley Museet, Jakarta Biennale, Autocenter Berlin, National museum of photography in Brussels.

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Gasworks, London


From: 11 Apr 2016
To: 27 Jun 2016


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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