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28 Nov 2017 15:00

Staying Connected: How shift work impact on life with friends and family

During his action-research project exploring the phenomena of night-time work in London, Czech visual artist Martin Kohout engaged individual shift workers alongside researchers in contemporary sleep science and asked how maintaining such a pattern impacts on social life, particularly when it comes to staying connected to friends and loved ones. This public roundtable event brings together project partners from the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford and the Southern & Eastern TUC to reflect on the issues raised and to share new knowledge.


tel. 020 7636 4030

Part of 21st Made in Prague Festival
8 November - 6 December 2017


Congress House, 23-28 Great Russel Street, London N19 5JF


28 Nov 2017 15:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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