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2 Aug 2013 13:30 - 18 Aug 2013

Mirenka Cechova & Tantehorse: S/He Is Nancy Joe (UK Premiere)

The strong Czech tradition of modern pantomime; the poetic beauty of Japanese Butoh; comedy and black humour are the foundations of the work of Tantehorse, a company known for its strong aesthetic, emotionally intense and provocative shows. S/He Is Nancy Joe explores transgender, difference and the desire for happiness and freedom through a unique style of street-ballet, mixing hip-hop, pop and lock and classic ballet. The lead dancer and co-founder of the company, Mirenka Cechova, is a holder of the Best of Prague Fringe 2012 and the Helen Hayes Awards (USA).

Voted The Best Contemporary Dance 2012 by the Washington Post.

(excluding Aug 6, 12, 13)
Preview Aug 2-3, 13.30

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Part of the Czech Dance Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe organised by the Czech Centre London in partnership with Nová síť.General partner of the Czech Centres and main sponsor of the event:






The Czech Dance Showcase also features:

Spitfire Company & DAMÚZA: One Step Before the Fall
ZOO / Aug 3-22 / 20.30

Captivating story of boxer Muhammad Ali combining a powerful dance with live music by the holder of Czech Grammy, Lenka Dusilova. Winner of the Dancer of the Year and Best Light Design awards at the Czech Dance Platform in 2013.



VerTeDance: What Is the Weight of Your Desire?
ZOO / Aug 2-25 / 18.00

Four female dancers question the role of bodies, nudity and desire in a fusion of dance and music, the male and female principle, and the fragile contradiction between the intimate and the public. Winner of the Dance Piece of the Year and Dancer of the Year awards at the Czech Dance Platform 2012.  

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Czech Performing Arts Presentation
Fringe Central: Concourse Hall / Aug 16 / 11:00

A brunch with Czech theatre companies performing at the Fringe 2013 and a presentation of innovative Czech projects recommended for international touring by the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague.








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ZOO Southside, 117 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9ER

From: 2 Aug 2013 13:30
To: 18 Aug 2013


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