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26 Nov 2012

The Czechoslovak New Wave: A Collection

This specially priced, Limited Edition 3-disc set comprises three extraordinary features from a golden age of Eastern European cinema which came to be known as the 'Czechoslovak New Wave'. This brief five-year period, from 1963 to 1968, produced an astonishing sequence of films that made a huge impact on world cinema. These three integral works of that most creative period were made in the most difficult of circumstances under the gaze of Government censors, yet achieved a miraculous and subversive marriage of content and form. Now, fifty years on, the films remain as remarkable as ever.

Diamonds of the Night (Démanty noci, 1964):
Němec's thrilling and startlingly original debut chronicles the tense and desperate journey of two teenage boys who are trying to stay alive after escaping from a German train bound for a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

Intimate Lighting (Intimní osvětlení, 1965):
Regarded as one of the finest works of the Czechoslovak New Wave, this wonderfully subtle and affectionately comic study of provincial life becomes, in Passer’s masterful hands, a film of profound compassion and universal resonance.

The Cremator (Spalovač mrtvol, 1968):
This nightmarish comedy of terror about a professional cremator working in Nazi-occupied Prague and able to give vent to his increasingly deranged impulses. A uniquely dark and disturbing experience, heightened with a terrific score by the great Zdeněk Liška.

Special features:
• Diamonds of the Night – a filmed appreciation by Peter Hames.
• Intimate Lighting – a filmed interview with director Ivan Passer.
• The Cremator – a filmed appreciation by the Quay Brothers.
• Presented in digital transfers with restored picture and sound. • New and improved English subtitle translations. • Booklets with each film, featuring essays by writer and film historian Michael Brooke, writer/broadcaster Phillip Bergson and writer/producer Daniel Bird.

BARCODE: 5060114150690
RRP: £24.99 BBFC cert: 15
Features: 231 minutes Special Features: 52 mins
Language: Czech; Subtitles: English

"The Czech New Wave is perhaps one of the richest cinemas of the 20th century... A generation of Czech filmmakers gave us the some of the most ingenious, original, innovative and most beautiful films of the entire history of cinema" MUBI

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Second Run DVD


26 Nov 2012


Second Run DVD

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