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22 Jun 2017 18:30

Czech Cubist Architecture comes to London

Czech National Trust Abroad (CNTA) is bringing to London an Exhibition of unique Czech Cubist architecture introduced by its author Professor Arch. Zdenek Lukes and CNTA also celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the Launch of the Czech National Trust with live jazz and a reception.

Guest of honour Catherine Leonard, Secretary General of  International National Trust Organization INTO

Czech Architectural Cubism, a unique style reflected in a number of structures built in Prague and elsewhere between 1911-1914 and then briefly after the World War by Czech artists, designers and architects such as Pavel Janak, Josef Gocar, Josef Chochol or Vlastislav Hofman, who took their inspiration from the Cubism movement in Paris and brought it to Prague. Today Architectual Cubism is highly acclaimed all over the world and the most well known buildings in this style continue to generate extraordinary level of interest. This exhibition was created in cooperation with the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague by Zdenek Lukes and the photographer Ester Havlova, whose black and white photographs superbly illustrate this architectural style.

Professor Ing Arch Zdenek Lukes, a renowned architectural   historian, architect, author and expert on modern architecture – one of the key personalities of revitalization of Prague Castle after the Velvet revolution, expert on Cubism, author of over 50 books, frequent newspaper contributor and popular radio and TV personality.

- Welcome and a short update on CNT’s  Prague projects
- Introduction & opening of the exhibition by Prof Zdenek Lukes
- Live jazz music & reception

Tickets: £15, students £5
(includes a glass of wine or beer or soft drink with finger food from an award winning Restaurant Portobello)


Payment options:
- online on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/exhibition-of-unique-czech-architectural-cubism-comes-to-london-tickets-34136546329
- by cheque - payable to CNTA and sent to our registered office c/o Irena Edwards, 26, Clarendon Court, Sidmouth Rd., London NW2 5HB
- on the door in cash– advance registration is necessary by mailto:ebonfield@cnta.co.uk

CNTA is supported by:
St John’s Noting Hill, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Czech Tourism and Restaurant Portobello




St John’s Notting Hill, Lansdowne Crescent, London W11 2NN


22 Jun 2017 18:30


Czech National Trust Abroad

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