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22 Jan 2013 - 3 Feb 2013

The Good and the True: Leeds and London venues

The extraordinary story will be also showing at The Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds from 22 to 26 January (Tuesday to Saturday at 7.45 pm and Thursday 24 January matinee at 2.30 pm); at the London Jewish Cultural Centre on Monday 28 January at 7.30 pm; and at Hampstead Village Shul from 29 to 31 January at 7.30 pm and on 3 February at 3.30 pm. More information can be found at http://www.goodandtrue.co.uk/

The story of two people, whose lives travelled the same paths, passing and crossing each other - yet they never met. Both survived Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Death Marches and post-war injustices. Two extraordinary true life stories from the hell of the Holocaust. The play is compiled from the true life testimonies of two diverse people – sportsman Miloš Dobrý and actress Hana Pravdová.

Milos Dobry - Saul Reichlin
Hana Marie Pravda - Isobel Pravda

Director, Set Designer, Music Choice: Daniel Hrbek
Dramaturgy: Lucie Kolouchova
Produced by: Brian Daniels
Sound Designer: Martin Hejl
Light Designer: Tomas Krimsky and Kieran Dicker

More information about the play can be found here


Venues and Times:

22 – 26 January 2013, 7.45pm
Leeds Carriageworks
Box office - (0113) 224 3801
tickets: £10/£8

27 January 2013, 7.00 pm
West London Synagogue

Box office – (020) 7535 0259
tickets: £15/£12

28 January 2013, 7.30 pm
London Jewish Cultural Centre
Box office - (020) 8457 5000
tickets: £15/£12

29 – 31 January 2013, 7.30pm
Hampstead Village Shul (Formally, New End Theatre)
Box office – (0113) 275 283
tickets: £15/£12

3 February, 3.30pm
Hampstead Village Shul (Formally, New End Theatre)
Box office – (0113) 275 2830
tickets: £15/£12

Presented by Svandovo Divadlo, New End Theatre and the Czech Centre







Leeds and London venues


From: 22 Jan 2013
To: 3 Feb 2013


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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