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13 Nov 2007 00:00 - 00:00

The Loyal Guard: Czech Gallery Movies and Videoart

This programme illustrates the various possible ways of approaching film and a variety of young Czech artists working today. Katerina Seda documents an event through which she brings together her parents and their adult child; Eva Jiricka uses film to capture performance base artwork, other artists use ‘filming’ to realise a dream, metaphor or image. Over a period of several years artist Michal Pechoucek worked his way from creating arrangements of ‘images in movement’ to the feature film masterpiece. The encounters between fine artists and filmmakers once more reveal the fact that ‘movies’, moving images, constitute a homonymous medium. It exists in various contexts and trying to identify them again gives us an opportunity to question the true essence of film. The best thing about it, of course, is the uncertainty. Curated by Pavel Klusak.


Pram Room

Michal Pechoucek, 2004, video 15’

“The videos, which I call films, depict a simple story with an unclear outcome. Mostly I animate static photographic images but also come very close to the effect of old silent films." Michal Pechoucek


KLI 35-80, Desire, Rings

Martin Zet, CR 2006, video 4’

‘Zen‘ in the form of a gallery video. Martin Zet is an artist and performer who in his films erases the differences between family life and the artist’s actions, between a routine video recording and a subjective notion of the world. He is often happy simply observing; at other times he draws minimally on real situations, or depicts two objects coming closer together.


Copying (Mother, Father, Child)

Katerina Seda, CR 2004, video 10’

Parents and a grown-up child voluntarily synchronise their actions. They carry out normal activity in parallel with each other and get to know the nature and rhythm of his or her life. The film is an edited recording taken from three 24-hour performances.


Eva Jiricka, CR 2006, video 6’

The observation of movement captured in real time, but there’s a suspicion that this might be a broader metaphor. Outdoor ornamental choreography for a tour bus.


Loyal Guard
Michal Pechoucek, CR 2006, video, 18’

A feature story containing a mystery and the subheading ‘romance from the forbidden zone’ (screened at the Rotterdam IFF in 2007), signalling the artist’s shift towards independent cinema with supervised actors and genre approaches.


Lost Holiday

Lucie Kralova, Czech Republic, 2007, 84‘, 35 mm

A suitcase with rolls of undeveloped film found by a Czech tourist in a Swedish dumpster triggers a documentary detective story – a search for six unknown tourists, who have lost their holiday snaps. A film about a journey, identity and the testimonial power of photography in the contemporary interconnected world. Best documentary film at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2007.


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13 Nov 2007 00:00 - 00:00


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