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1 Dec 2016

The never ending Czech film festival on iTunes

They say that drinking a chilled bottle of Pilsner or watching a Czech film can reveal the Czech DNA. Nobody really knows why but film production became deeply rooted in the Czech region already during the silent movie era. Those Wonderful Movie Cranks were not happy with just going to the cinema to see moving pictures, they wanted to make their own films. Together, they laid the foundation of a phenomenon which boomed later in the inter-war and the “Small Hollywood” periods at the Barrandov studios. In the 60’, the Czech New wave made its way to all film studies textbooks, created several Academy Award-winning best pictures and sent Miloš Forman to the big world. Since then Czech film industry has been going strong – Czech movies often account for one quarter of tickets sold in the cinemas. Given the influence of Hollywood, this is highly exceptional in Europe and in the rest of the world.

As of now, you can download a selection of the best Czech films on iTunes. With English subtitles and great HD quality. You can watch both the classics as well as the more recent Czech films. You will be able to compare old-time classics with a new, light comedy, an original animated movie and a powerful, moving story.


At the moment you can choose from the following films:

The Fabulous Baron Munchausen
Home Care  
Film Adventurer Karel Zeman
Legends of Old Prague
A Night at Karlstein
Women in Temptation
My Sweet Little Village
Chasing Fifty   
Markéta Lazarová
Three Wishes for Cinderella
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Home Care

Three Wishes for Cinderella

Marketa Lazarova






1 Dec 2016


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