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11 Nov 2017 20:15

The Party and the Guests

A friendly picnic in the forest turns into a nightmare awaking the instinct for self-preservation and revealing the true characters of all those threatened. This brilliant, absurdist parable paints a chilling picture of the tactics used to coerce individuals into adopting the dominant political ideology and the destruction of those who don’t. Considered to be an attack on the political system, it was ‘banned forever’ by the Czechoslovak government. Full of astute observation of human nature and sharp satire, this is another timeless masterpiece.

Jan Němec / Czechoslovakia / 1966 / 70 min.
English subtitles
Cast / Ivan Vyskočil, Jan Klusák, Jiří Němec, Pavel Bošek, Evald Schorm

Introduction by Mehelli Modi, Second Run

£12 / £11 (concs.) for single screening bookings
£10 / £9 (concs.) for 2+ screenings
Online booking

Part of Jan Němec Retrospective
10 - 12 November 2017

Part of the 21st Made in Prague Festival
8 November - 6 December 2017





Regent Street Cinema, 309 Regent St, Marylebone, London W1B 2UW


11 Nov 2017 20:15


Czech Centre

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